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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Liebster Award by CIndyRIna


Hello there,

Received a Liebster Award from my pretty blogger friend, CindyRina .
without any doubt , for you my dear i will do this challenge ! but can i skip all the unofficial rules??

1. Thank you who has nominated you and post link to their blog.
   - Thank You darling CindyRina  
2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog
3. Answer 11 questions about yourself given by the blogger who has nominated you
 1.  Describe yourself in 3 words? Boring/crazy/happy
2  If you could have one wish granted, what would you wish for? Why?
having my beauty sleep /because i only had 2 -3 hours rest time lately

3. When is the happiest moment in your life?
argue with my other half : i always win tho
4. List 3 things you wanna achieve before you leave this world?
study/shopping /travel

5. What is your favourite food?
not specific, i love anything spicy

6. What is your favourite color?
black - i look thin in this exclusive color
7. 3 things you must bring with you when you out from home?
smartphone/baby diapers/ my baby boy hahhahaha.

8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

9. List 3 things your like when you visit my blog? 
your travel story/ your pictures especially about food / and because it's YOU

10. What is your perception about my personality when you read my blog?
- happy  with no single problem hahhahhaha:) 
4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself
  1. get married when i'm only 22 years old
  2. Pregnant at young age 23years
  3. Went to Saudi and achieve my wishlist 
  4.  I love baking but shuck in cooking.
  5. I'm lazy 
  6. i merepek...
  7. i dont know what i should write now...
  8. yaaaa....i love to see movie every night
  9. addicted to keep breast milk and fell upset if me stock is less.
  10. aoh at last the end.:P
5. Nominate 8 - 10 blogs with less than 300 followers that you feel they deserve the Liebster Award
       -Can i skip this one.....please please 

6. Create new sets of Questions for your nominees to answer. At least 10 questions.
     Can i skip this one.....please please  
7. Post the rules on your blog
  - ooowh do you have different rules ?
8. Tag your nominees so they know that they are receiving the award from you

and guess what this will be my last post for this year,......
good bye 2014...hello 2o15


cindyrina said...

Hi Sweetie! Thank you for responding to my nomination. Its ok for the rest. This is just for fun not to burden anyone...hehehe...Happy busy bee with your lovely son and daughter!

neverletmego said...

:) HEheheh Thank you again (")
Btw i found u in instagram.Keep in touch sweety

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