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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wan Razin AJf

Assalammualaikum ,

14th July 2014 (Monday)


 Alhamdulillah so far puasa masa tu dah masuk 2 weeks , puasa I tak skip lagi , masih ada kudrat nak berpuasa walaupun sarat mengandung.As usual after sahoor dan subuh , get ready to go work and nak get ready rania to school. Luckily Ahmad J around as he take leave until Tuesday sebab cuti public holiday.As normal Ahmad J tak habis habis suruh I ambil leave suruh rest at home, bt knowing me degil skit ni I still berkeras nak pergi kerja , plus I have meeting that morning , Important meeting . But again, Kite merancang Allah swt yang menentukan. Akhirnya masa yang di nantikan tiba, one of 3 signs of labor dah muncul which is *turun darah * or medical term nya , ada bloody show . But no pain at all so I still maintain tunjuk to my mak and she said better check. At that time I’m 50 -50 sebab masa rania dulu banyak kali false labour , tapi teringat juga dulu time rania pegi labour room dah bukaan 7 cm.Dangerous , better not to take risk kan . SO sempat get ready rania to school and I went to hospital with Ahmad J, Mak masa tu siap ckp nnti if tak jadi ke pe call la .I pun masa tu rasa cam ta jadi je nak bersalin. Hehehe Btw the other 2 signs of labour that you really need to know and go to hospital is when your water breaks and when contraction starts frequent in every 10-20 minutes.


 Arrived at emergency department , after register ( I boleh siap jalan berlari lagi okay ) I serahkan diri ke labor room for CTG and all check up, My gynae is on leave but last Friday dia ada pesan if sakit just datang hospital and she will come to see me .Alhamdulillah nasib baik Dr Lim dtg juga even cuti kalau orang lain tak tahu la kan.CTG done , heart beat #babyadik Alhamdulillah in normal range , ikutkan contraction very mild : and tak sakit sgt pun.


VE (Vaginal Examination) done by midwife : bukaan OS is 4 cm.owh my ALLAh this is no joke I’m gonna deliver soon. Macam tak percaya this time Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan jalan.


 Dr Lim Arrived from home and ARM (Artificial Ruptures of membranes ) done .or Bahasa melayunya pecahkan air ketuban . DR Lim offered some painkiller because after this I will start to feel  pain and contraction akan makin  kerap .alhamdulillah I still can bear the pain, so I refused! But Dr Lim did mention about Entonox gas , which is i think is not working pun for pain , she said eventhough i can *tahan * the pain why need to waste energy tahan sakit better take , lagipun the side effect only lasts for second.


They start with IV medication : Pitocin and lepas tu Ya Allah the pain mcm ,arghh I can’t define the pain with words.Tuhan je tahu , sakit nya tu even ahmad J Nampak macam tak senang duduk walaupun I tahu he try to look super cool with buat lawak bodoh dia and calm but deep in his heart I knew he worried .Maklumla first time teman isteri dalam labour room , Time rania he not able to be in the labour room together.jadi i amikla entonox gas for the first time.Frankly speaking , at that point of time tak de effect ape pun .Sakit itu masih sgt kuat !!.:P

Dup dup dap dup dap.. around


Alhamdulillah lahir la anak kedua kami , putera kesayangan Ahmad J and Sharifah N , WAN RAZIN AJF ke dunia ni dengan sekali push without episiotomy .alhamdulillah . we did it , seriously I really proud of you suami, you so cool calm such a loving husband .i couldn’t thank you enough for all you did for us , rania and I rasa bersyukur sangat di pinjamkan seorang suami and baba kepada kami !thank you sayang sebab sanggup melayan kerenah i yang extra mengada,sorry ya. i'm in pain..:P Ampun ~~

 Thank you ALLAH swt , so next selamat berpantang to me . yay holiday with my adorable babies !

Till then, inshallah will share you my breastfeeding journey and hope!


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