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Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Breastfeeding Journey : EBM Storage


Happy One month old sayang mommy, Razin !!!

Last 2 days I started fed razin with bottle, practicing before mommy masuk kerja. This is a must! for working mom, u have to start early so your baby can adjust and alhamdulillah Razin  can handle with it and he didn’t refuse it at all. Bravo my boy!

As I mention in my  previous entry, I already filled my fridge with EBM (EXPRESS Breast Milk) and been taught my mom how to care and handle with it. A bit tricky and work to do tho but yet the benefit is superb. Inshallah Razin, I’m trying my best to feed you with love and mommy’s milk darling.

For breast milk storage i bought the Lansinoh brand at Mothercare shop, at that time I assumed the price is reasonable (even though I know Ahmad J thought it is damn expensive ) 1 box with 50 bags for RM 72  So meaning 1 bag equivalent to rm1.44 and it definitely one-time-use only. My bad! Please kindly do some research before purchase babies –mom things at shop Nadia! Few minutes ago I just purchased breast milk storage through facebook , Autumn brand 2 boxes, 50 bags for ONLY RM 27. 42 cents per bag, *facepalm*. Well might be the brand but the function is still the same to keep the EBM and after that throw away.

Back to the EBM, I follow the MOH (Government hospital) steps.

Penyimpanan Susu Perahan 

Tempat / Suhu Penyimpanan EBM
Tmpoh penyimpanan
Suhu Bilik (23-25 celcsius )
4 jam
Bilik Berhawa dingin ( 15-25 celscuis)
8 jam
<15 celsuis
24 jam
Peti sejuk (2-4 celsius)
<7 days
Susu  Perahan Beku ( Frozen EBM)
Tmpoh penyimpanan
Bahagian pembekuan peti sejuk 1 pintu
2 weeks
Bahagian pembekuan peti sejuk 2 pintu
3 months
Deep freeze
Telah dicairkan dalam peti sejuk
24 hours ( and tidak boleh dibekukan 

I just use normal 2 doors fridge, all my frozen EBM only can lasts for 3 months inshallah.We need to transfer the frozen EBM  to peti sejuk bawah seawal mungkin, means for tomorrow feeding ,kite boleh prepare malam tu.Then for morning session ,just transfer amount susu yang baby kite perlu .Mcm my first time with razin , i hanya panaskan 2 ounces and the balance keep in fridge .But remember once you transfer it the balance only can lasts for 24 hours.On the first day I tried only one time feeding , morning .At first he struggle a lots , keep pushing the teat but because he was hungry at that time after bath I guess he don’t have choice either to drink it or NO –MILK .Ya mommy can be that cruel! It’s not easy peeps seeing ur son crying and kalau tak kuat semangat memang I bagi je DF but bila bab ni memang kena Hati kering sob sob ….and at last he finished the milk.Incase ta habis, dont worry the milk boleh simpan at room temperature for 1 HOUR!

On the second day, we fed him with EBM 2 session, morning and lunch time.Alhamdulillah , he accept and after that he also still direct feeding. Phew , lega, The one problem that can occurred in bottle –feeding and breastfeeding is *nipples –confuse –syndrome * .That time you baby maybe comfortable with the bottle and refuse to be feed direct .But don’t worry, if let’s say your baby refuse to bf, just remember the skin-to –skin  method,(put you baby on top of our chest )  our baby ada 6 sense , they can smell our body odour and kenali kite melalui itu. Inshallah he will continue bf. I really hope Razin and I don’t have that problem :)

How frequent I collect my EBM-pump?

Ikut suka! No specific time! There are lots of advice to set a specific time to pump the milk, some mothers prefer to pump every 3 hour , 4 hour .I trying to adjust time but staying at home, and attend to razin when he cry made my * jadual * kacau bilau. But I always set in my minds I really need to have EBM stock at least 2-3 portion – 3 times feeding for razin. Usually 1 session I manage to get 4- 5 ounces if I’m lucky. For me, not the amount or effective pumping time is the matters, but the effort and at least I able to keep as much as I can for Razin when i start working.

I also started to do power pumping ,and it’s will be my 4th night tonight, and surprisingly my EBM increase a lots .Alhamdulillah.Will share with you guys about the power pumping and my EBM stock.

Till then ,



cindyrina said...

Dah nak kena tinggal baby sebab mummy nak balik keje.mesti susah nak lepas baby sebab kecik lagi.

neverletmego said...

:( yup memang susah ..but what to do...
guess what yang paling over is kakak . dia yang nangis lebih ( yela 2 months mommy at home .suddenly kena keje ) :)

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