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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Breastfeeding Journey : First Month


EBM  : Express breast milk 
BF  : Breastfeeding 
DF : direct feeding 

I just can’t believe, 3 more days Razin will be inshallah One-Month-Old and Alhamdulillah I’m still able to breastfed him. I’ve join few  groups in Facebook regarding the breastfeeding –mom and read the successful breastfeeding mom as well and tell you what? it really motivate me to bf Razin inshallah until 2 years. Rania dulu I tak sempat nak fully bf atas few factors termasuk la lack of knowledge /experience. I still remember I ‘m not able to keep  enough EBM stock before started work, only gave one bottle equivalent to 4-5 ounces per day to the my babysitter (my aunt) which is definitely not enough for Rania, so we need to top-up with formula milk!!. And plus I only get my breast pump after 2 month.

So now learned from mistakes, I started to pump my breast milk when razin is 2 weeks old. I try to keep stock as many as I can.Kadang –kadang ada aura negative dtg menjelma when I only managed to pump 3-5 ounces per session. Ouchh see so sikit but NO NO , I need to be more focus, inshallah  I need to rajin meng-pump  and it seems that my milk is more  on night time so........

Especially now when Razin start to merengek manja even though tengah df, so aura negative datang  ,” susu mommy tak cukup ke ? “ ke razin tak kenyang ke ?....

Big NO –No it’s not true sayang , pertama sekali kenali size perut new born baby kite !!

There ‘re no such things “not enough susu ke “ baby tak kenyang ke , sebab because of that thoughts la buatkan kite terfikir untuk berikan formula milk, or ada yang lebih teruk lagi siap berikan makanan pejal pada baby before 6 months old, I bet you guys read about babies yang alami sakit teruk kat usus sebab babysitter/nenek berikan bubur  ! Nauzubillah!!
ALLAH swt jadikan susu ibu ni mengikut keperluan baby kite and umur and also size stomach nye , so inshallah cukup susu itu for our baby.

Besides df, breastpump spectra 3 ni la  my new best friend forever.ke mana i pergi kesitu la dia berada. Wish me luck peeps, towards exclusive bf 3 months.( my target now!)

My EBM yang paling banyak buat masa sekarang , Breast pump spectra 3 ni dah 5 tahun usianya, the suction still kuat mcm dulu . been thinking to purchase new compact ,light and double pumping breast pump for easy portable to work. But for now lets continue with the old breastpump until i decide which one as there are lots of brands and more choices berbanding dulu yang i tahu hanya medela and spectra.
 Let's continue our hardwork to stock more EBM and always keep in our mind, breast milk  is the best!!

Till then , 
will continue more regarding MY breastfeeding journey! Inshallah 



cindyrina said...

lama tak visit Nadia...you have new baby!!! Congratulation dear!!! Whoa! sekarang ada one pair la. Hope you have been well Mummy!

neverletmego said...

hye darling..yay its been a while kan. how are ? alhamdulillah ,one pair and struggling to adjust my life happy mode :)

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