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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rania's School Holiday : Zoo Taiping & Night Safari


As promised, we brought Princess Rania for *jalan –jalan * memandangkan she started her school holiday last week. I felt guilty when Rania start to ask where we should go for holiday because in Rania’s mind Holiday means must-stay-at-hotel with family or BEACH! We both have to work on weekdays and luckily last weekend after work we did impromptu plan to brought Rania to ZOO Taiping & Night Safari.
After Kenduri Doa Selamat ( Berkhatan )  my nephew at Tapah, terus ke Taiping .Tidak dinafikan hampir semua orang termasuk my sister cakap rugi pergi waktu malam sebab mostly all animal tidur but knowing me, I nak juga alami nya sendiri so at least I can tell people I’ve tried, best or nope lain cerita. Lagipun this is my first time ke ZOO Taiping (I’m not sure la masa kecil pernah pergi ke tidak tu kena Tanya my mom) but definitely this is rania’s first experience (dulu bawa rania ke zoo Negara je).
Waktu melawat Night safari ialah dari pukul 8 malam hingga 11 malam kecuali weekend and public holiday will open until 12 midnight.

Ticket Price as below: this one I took from ZOO Taiping & Night Safari Official Website :
Bayaran Masuk untuk Night Safari            
Kanak-kanak(3 -12 tahun)            :               RM10.00
Kamera video    :               Free of Charge
Keretapi Mini Night Safari : Percuma

I’m not sure for price ZOO Taiping but I assume it will be cheaper than Night Safari’s ticket. There are mini train at night for side seeing but Ahmad J and I thought that it will be more fun if we just walked to see all animal closer, by the way it’s only 2.5 km. As been told by the tour guide in Night Safari, every each papan tanda details animal there will be a sign/symbol of sun or moon shows either the animal is nocturnal or day animal. As usual mommy and baba yang excited lebih sebab baru je jalan rania start to membebel hungry la, takut la because seriously no joke memang sangat gelap , bak kata husband nasib baik ada family lain yang juga berjalan kalau tidak memang we all naik train je.

Terlalu asyik menikmati keindahan alam ciptaan ALLAH swt , we all tak snap pictures pun and the main reason pun sebab GELAP kan so no point la nak snap pictures.

Ahmad J thinks we wasted  money because u tak ble nampak sangat pun semua binatang binatang dalam zoo ni sebab ada yang takde pun dlm cage ,and I memang sangat setuju la denga Ahmad J.Even kami jalan pun tak nampak clear inikan visitors yang naik train, dah la laju train tu memang sangat tak berbaloi. Good exercises for Ahmad J selepas  non-stop makan at kenduri keluar peluh tengah malam and bad night for me as I got body ache and muscle cramps .hurmmmm…

Selepas habis one round, there were a booth with your pictures taken at the entrance by the Zoo Taiping Staff  in frame, snowball  and in the plate as well for souvenir with ridiculous price yet because we don’t have any picture taken together, we bought it for RM 35.

And again this is my experience and opinion about it , if you guys have a great time kat sana care to share. The most important things is spending time with your loved ones no matter what kan ?even kalau ke pasar malam pun with your sayang pun happy.

Till then, lala land is calling will update more Rania’s School Holiday activities soon Inshallah .


Nissa Azmir said...

awakkkkkkkk, saja blogwalking.... dulu selalu kan tuka2 komen... heeee miss u!

neverletmego said...

darling.....hye , :) Miss tooo la..dh lama tak menulis lately i rajin lak meng-update.
Family sihat ?
Take care

Nissa Azmir said...

alhamdulillah sihat semuanya... u dah balik from saudi ke? i dah stay mesia dah... mybe 1 fine day kita bole jumpa.. :)

neverletmego said...

Inshallah nanti kite set time jumpa ye. maybe after i confinement inshallah

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