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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rania's baby adik : First Trimester


I still remember 8 months ago when 2 of my colleagues got pregnant .Masyallah is the best and good news ever, we shared same dream to get pregnant soon and yes they made it .Alhamdulillah. At that time, I always hope and pray to ALLAH SWT and i confident with ALLAH plan for us, HE knows better what the best for us. I keep waiting and waiting until 20th November 2013, my menstrual period delay 1 week, I’ve checked urine pregnancy test (UPT)  not once but twice and pretend not to be over-excited but seriously deep in my heart I wish I could shout and shared with my family and friends.


Tears *

Ahmad J trying not to be excited too when I told him the good news because still early and fragile, His act normal and started to be my “dietician” and Gynae Doc!
For double confirmation I run another UPT at Hospital and booked an appointment to see my Gynae doctor, Dr Lim Soo SOo a humble nice and easy-going Chinese lady doctor .

Alhamdulillah, This second pregnancy is totally different than my first, I don’t have a morning sickness symptom at all, I gain weight a lots and redness, itchiness and rashes all whole over my body and FACE!!

Became lazy obviously, Never cook for 8 months only baking which is very rare.
The only things I love to do with no excuses are cleaning clothes, hang the clothes and folds it .hahhhahhahha .

Kakak Rania is the happiest girl , when she know she will be kakak soon and inshallah she will share same birth month with her future baby adik , which in JULY .Save duet mommy baba celebrate birthday nnti sekali je hehehe .We started to educate her from day 1 until now , so that she will prepare herself to be kakak, learn to share, to help , and the ONLY thing on-going is the soon -to-be kakak-still-sleep under mommy’s armpit.

Boleh dia cakap nanti baby adik tido dalam baby cot , rania need somebody to hug me and sing lulabbly like mommy did.Baby adik can sleep by her/his own as in mommy tummy pun adik can sleep alone right ,mom?

Banyak akal betol.

Inshallah , Rania will understand soon will be the best sister to her brother /sister.

Till then, will share more about baby WR ‘s preparation. yehaaa…

P/s : Time to sing lullaby to princess kakak Rania.

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