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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rania : 4 years old

*Back dated story *
My july baby :31 st july 2009 
Rania‘s 4th Birthday .AS promised no birthday party for this lil’ Princess, only a small makan-makan thang’ at home and restaurant. I even bought mini cupcakes for princess and small candle for her.
The cutest things is when Rania start to asked
MOM, where is every one? Which table to put my cake?
Ala sayang mommy, I’m sorry sayang, bulan Ramadhan lagi, baba is working. Pity rania mommy
I’m glad Rania happy with her present. After this Rania will not ‘conteng-conteng “ her grandparents wardrobe and her aunty ‘s wall.
Sayang mommy,
It’s hard to describe, we’re so happy when we first met you.You’re so healthy mashallah strong and the sweetest ,most precious ,most beautiful soul I have ever laid eyes on( all the nurses agreed )
Alhamdulillah , sayang nyawa mommy jantung hati daddy , my bestfriend, my best mate , best buddy ,
Happy Birthday sweety ,Happy 4th Birthday .
Mommy and baba love you ooocoooo00oo Much ..
Thank you ALLAH for this feeling.


Nissa Azmir said...

besar dah raniaaaaaa

neverletmego said...

:) HEhe besar n banyak akal.
Dah nak jadi kakak soon .Inshallah :)

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