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Monday, August 19, 2013

OUr *small* family

Assalammualaikum ,

Hello darlings, getting ready for 1st night shift, before that jom layan blog sekejap.
Ahmad J ni susah sikit nak bergambar –gambar ni ,but kalau sebagai jurugambar yes ,memang boleh harapkan la,either right angle or your face nampak besar, your kaki nampak kecik doesn’t matter janji sayang kun i suka ambil picture wife and anak dara dia.SO few years back, during my wedding ,ahmad J siap pesan to our photographer ,Ahmad j only nak bergambar candid moment,maksud nya no such things like peluk husband dari belakang picture, no picture macam org tengah silat ke pa ke, heheheh semua na nak candid and look natural picture.and guess what ? we only took indoor pictures.outdoor pun picture I je banyak and tu pun depan rumah mother I je,hahhahaa

Sampai la ke hari raya ke 4-which is on Sunday .Ahmad J ‘s friend offered to snap our family picture for raya .owh gosh …siapa paling excited?of course la rania…:P After 5 years baru ada family portrait ,Fahmi took our pictures at his  mini studio at his house, KFC for lunch and all set up, yay…bergambor kite.

Fahmi gunakan penataan cahaya gelap , hitam . I always dream nak photoshoot berlatarbelakangkan color putih tapi when I see the results, wowo black memang menawan, snap pictures lebih kurang sejam then he edit the picture less than 1 hour …I’m impress ..

Oppsie…get ready to work and solat maghrib .tata darlings.

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