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Monday, August 19, 2013

My *EID* story:2013 --> Part 3


JOm sambung cerita di pagi syawal yang ke-3 , bersiap bertema pink,no more baju melayu untuk Ahmad J .I chose to wear Orkedby Jovian Mandagie supaya senang sikit nak bergerak beraya ke rumah family and relatives with his beautiful flow dress. So comfort tau ,

and miss rania wore peplum kurung ,gift from her paternal aunt.:)

 Kali ini seharian bersama keluarga Ahmad J sebelah father in law I , had our breakfast with mama in law ‘s special dishes rendang daging with nasi himpit and lemang.

Simple lunch with Ahmad J ‘s primary school mate at Wadi Hadramawt Restaurant.
Then direct to Ahmad J’s paternal grandmother, Tok Mak.Tok Mak from penang, cakap penang memang kaw kaw la, sampai AHMAd J sendiri tak faham .hikhiikhik….

Then had our raya open -house tea time and dinner at Ahmad J’s cousin house.Blessed ,Alhamdulillah.
Fun raya holiday with LOVE ….

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