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Monday, August 19, 2013

My *EID * Story : 2013 --> Part 2


 Plan di Hari raya kedua , 2nd Syawal berjalan dengan lancar , alhamdullillah selamat sampai di KL around 2-3 pm ,direct to Ahmad J ‘’s maternal side di PJ> Every year routine ,all relatives akan berkumpul di rumah tokmi pada raya kedua, rania and I took this chance to mingle around with all families sebab jarang jarang dapat jumpa dengan Orang kL and johor.maklum la tinggal di kedah kan… 

Alhamdulillah I’m so happy and proud with rania , she is so *adult* and behave like big sister .Tak cranky langsung and layan all her aunties uncle and tok-tok ssss very well and polite,Good job sweety . 

Menu juadah beraya ahmad j’s side is more to Johor food, Laksa johor,lontong , and harissa ( I will explained later in my next entry ,inshallah )

 I;m happy to see you both kesayangan mommy happy ,:)

ahmad j , and i chose to wear PURPLE -family, i'm in lilac ,custom made exclusive made for me by Jezmine the oldblossom Box store and rania wore pink+purple flower baju kurung , gift from her BIBI izan :)

 syok sendiri jap...
  Will continue our EID story tomorrow inshallah , jom rest kan mata

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