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Friday, July 19, 2013

Novelty Raya 2013 by Jezmine Oldblossom.


Salam Jumaat : Ramadhan 10 , what’s your menu for iftar today ? Tonight inshallah will be last night duty at work and guess what? Ahmad J is coming home this weekend .yay… Alhamdulillah semalam I received one parcel all the way from Shah Alam from my favourite tailor @ fashion designer ,Jezmine Oldblossom from The Old Blossom Box Store.
This year jezmine sediakan few design for novelty Raya 2013 with pastel color and bright color theme. 

Selepas beberapa lama menatapi monitor laptop hehehe akhirnya I chooseTulip Blooms modern Kurung in Lilac color with pink popped-flower and beads.:) after pre –order with my own body measurement in May , now the lovely dress depan mata i.mula la nak berangan . Seriously it fit me well ,is perfect , love the novelty moonshawl as well , yay , no more headache to find matching shawl.

Thank you jezmine, is nice and easy to deal with you.Thank you to make my dream to wear your design come true.

Till then ,

Selamat Berpuasa and ber-iftar.

Owh ,I almost forgot .To  anonymous,selamat berpuasa.BUlan Ramadhan bulan baik.Tak payah la nak rajin sangat sakitkan hati orang.


cindyrina said...

whoa!!1 mesti cantik di pagi raya nanti...anyway, selamat berpuasa dear!

neverletmego said...

owh tq darling..hehhe :) biasa biasa ja kalau i pakai nanti.tq .happy holiday to u .:)

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