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Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Orked by Jovian Mandagie


Hello darlings..hahahhaha

I know it’s been a long time I didn’t have time to look up and there’re lots of dusts over here. Little bit chaos here and there, non-stop multitasking and don’t worried all is in good care. Tonight just want to share story of my “baju Raya “for this year.  * oakay melampau tau belum puasa dah siap baju raya * 

So this is the story , since last year I celebrate my Ramadhan and EID in Saudi , so I only have one and ONLY baju raya , which is made from Jeddah .hikhik, so I decided to claimed from Ahmad J this year our matching outfit for first raya is ready last week , and I’ve been also order 2,3 pasang baju raya from online shop and one of the baju I sent to new tailor recommend by my friend. 

Since last year ,I dok berangan la nak merasa baju baju raya designer mampu milik from Rizalman ( at Tesco) and Jovian Mandagie ( at First Lady ) , tapi masa tu di saudi dapat berangan dan tenung je la dalam intenet. JUalan online fuuuhhh habis cepat macam lelongan je, stress mak tau :P so this year saat saat  yang di tunggu . Sebelum ada yang mula *judge* kan kite , baik siap-siap cakap, I bukan ape, baik prepare kan baju for raya so ramadhan nanti dapat la tumpukan perhatian beribadat and tak la sibuk nak keluar la pe la.(betul kan ?) 

For baju raya pun I ada budget I tersendiri, baju more than RM 500 tu masih belum tahap I la, baju tailor-made pun dah menjangkau harga  kawalan family I yang kecik ni ,so AHMAD J sediakan budget for baju raya lain lain( apa ku merepek ni ) So nasib baik la JOVian Mandagie tahun ni tak melupakan golongan I ni, so nyah la melopor depan laptop mengadap website tesco memilih baju ,Saat –saat yang ditunggu telah tiba after 2 times date changed for pick-up date baju.(lupa , after pre-order kite kena pilih pick up selected tesco untuk mengambil order kite ) on 1st july, I pun nyah pergi ke tesco pilihan hati, alangkah terkejut nya lepas approach the counter, the promoter ( dengan muka blurred ye ) cakap 

Promoter tesco:eh kami tak sure la cik, kena check ,mungkin lama.tunggu sekejap ye 

* ermmmmm okay tunggu je la .*

After 45 min tunggu , datang dengan muka yang selamba,

Promoter tesco: sorry miss baju miss takde  size yang miss nak tk de ,ada size besar je .and color miss nak pun takde .Miss balik dulu nanti kiteorang call kalau dah ada.

Miss nadia ( miss la sgt ) : hurmmmmmmmmmmmmmm(  with serious face tapi ada senyum sinis ) tapi kn I dah preorder? Okay , mana baju display you all?

*I showed my sms from tesco to pick up my baju on 1st july-7th july *

Promoter tesco : kite takboleh buat pape , diaorang yang tak hantar .Baju baju JM  tu kiteorg buat petang nanti.kiteorg tak sempat nak display.

Miss Nadia : okay seriously, I don’t care I don’t want to know how you do, I only will go back with my JM baju.definitely will not come again to collect later ke pa ke.

*and so the promoter go and come back again after 30 minutes *

Promoter tesco: please miss follow me.

There we go this is what we call negotiating. Alhamdulillah I went home with my JM’s collection, Orked collection even my pre-order is not here. Well felt lucky my Orked Collection is not here tho, cause size I chose is not fit me at all, *perasankokurusnadia* , I took other design and color, cost me more but better to be safe side,we never know what is your size in future.hahaahhahahhahha *gilegelak kejam

SO this is my first and last purchasing baju raya via online I guess * fingercross* next year , pergi boutique terus je la hahahahhah * banyakduetko*
Mari boria raya ini with orked by JOvian Mandagie.

Can’t wait for my next baju raya from OLD Blossom Box store, jezmine ,cepat la dear tak sabar ni.Don;t worry this time even I beli online, I’ve sent my body measurement. Yay…

Selamat berpuasa, Ramadhan Kareem.

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