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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rania saying goodbye to : Milk bottle


At this moment, I can barely balance myself as my head is keep spinning non-stop and it’s started since this morning. I took 6 hourly Paracetamol but nothing happen, hoping miracle from ALLAH swt. I just can’t shut my eyes so decided to log into my blog and mumbling about what’s going on these past few days.
1st June , we’re in  KL !I forget to brought Rania’s milk bottle , so I remind Ahmad J to bring her bottle that we left in KL ,at our humble cribs. Being a man, Ahmad J as usual, didn’t have time to REMEMBER about it. Shucks….no bottle? With the grown up kids like Rania, I tried to find a great excuses to tell her .Yes! I told we lost her bottle and no choice she had to drink milk in a cup with straw. To shut her up, I end my story with: This is my final Decision Rania!!! hehehhehe sorry baby , and guess what , she already been drinking milk in a cup for a week.
Oh Rania mommy so proud of you my baby girl, opps no more baby, you’re big girl now darling sweetie.
It’s like a dream , watching you growing up healthy , clever and filled with joy and happiness ,Rania ,my tears dripping  fast when listen to your du’a everyday ( been taught by lil princess Afsheen) :
 Ya ALLAH , please give me a baby sister * …*tears* Insha ALLAH sayang,ALLAH knows best and HE will grant it when the time comes, ONLY HE knows when we’re ready .And mommy trust you definitely will be a great sister indeed to your sister/brother in future inshaALLAH. Just keep du’a and please don’t grow up so fast L I miss you already even you’re besides me all the time!

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