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Saturday, June 8, 2013

MIA: Missing In Action

Assalammualaikum ,

Holla guys …

Miss me? Post - holiday trip is not fun at all, no energy and spirit to go work but what to do. I choose to be this way .Phew : can’t complaint .SO it’s totally a wrap, remember in my previous entry because of my kindness and hardworking I’m entitled 1 week off from work yahooooooo …so there we go , Rania and I went to KL instead of waiting for Ahmad J. It’s been a while since last time Rania seeing her paternal families. We spent all our time in PJ house , Ahmad J’s grandparents’ house and visit our home sweet home in KL for urmmmm like 2 hours (just to perform Maghreb prayer and take our clothes) . 4 days in KL is so short for us as we occupied most of our time visiting families and Rania’s friends. Seriously no rest at all, and every day is one whole day packed with all inviting .Thank you so much for having us darling….spent our lazy Saturday moment with my parents in law at their mansion, had extra yummy delicious satay at Fahmi and Jojo’s sweet and cosy cribs at night ended our night with games .Get to meet all Ahmad J‘s big families at cousin’s wedding at Ballroom,KL Tower , tea party time with Ummi in law at Dunkin donuts. Enjoy my chips with chilli spinach dip ,Zahara’s recipe ,Thank you for having us really appreciate it and so glad to see Rania and Afsheen can get a long together like a sister in no time.* grin * I’m a happy mom!

But still lots of Ahmad J “s family we didn’t visit, inshALLAH soon, really need to be a *good girl* at work so my boss will grant all my holiday request.hauahahhahahahah…

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