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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cheese cake in Ramekins : No bake cheese

It’s been a while since my last entry about food recipes .Nor that I didn’t cook or bake, I’m just to busy with my Life.*yeah right Nadia*
So yesterday I’m free but still lazy to stay in kitchen for few hours so I decided to make a simple dessert that I ate in Zahara’s house last weekend. Thank you again Zahara for the recipe .It’s really simple but still I can feel that not good enough like yours. Perhaps the magic hand ya.
Cheese Cake in Ramekins (seriously no idea either it’s one of the cheese cake family or not) but definitely will be my favorites and glad family and my friends love it. :)
(zara: I change the amount according to my ramekin’s size : This recipe is for 6 medium ramekins and 6 small ramekins )
1 packed cream cheese (I used Philadelphia cheese brand)
1 cup double cream
Lemon juice
3 tbsp icing sugar (depends to you)
Chopped strawberries (rest with caster sugar in the fridge)
Shortbread (I used butter cookies: crushed)
-          Crushed butter cookies as a base in ramekins.
-          Combined Cream cheese, cream and icing sugar together, blend it.
-          After done with cream part , you can eat it with your strawberry or raspberry or even blueberry .Yummy
Super easy, super delicious and filled with creamy cheese in no time, you can eat it direct or cold it in fridge for couple of hours.
Enjoy your weekend peeps.

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