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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best friends Forever :LOVE


So the story continued, jeng jeng jeng , after few months juggling with life and new workplace ,we set a perfect  day to meet up ! Yes at last, phew what a relieve it’s like a burden on my shoulder not  seeing my girls .Maizatul and husband invited us to her beautiful house for some “Kenduri Doa Selamat “and House-warming. It’s such a lovely night (even is so humid) spending my birthday night together with my girls ,how wish darling dalila, beto babe and sweetie moon could join us.Thank you mai darling for having us. We have to meet up frequent guys, I’m in MALAYSIA now! Remember gorgeous?

Heart you guys so much !!!

It's my Day : 15th June 2013


Holla darlings, yay I know I been away for few days from blog, but trust me I do visit you.*slap forehead*.
Feel so sleepy now , honestly after clean and tidy myself I decided to visit and say Hello to all of you and please excuse my absent as …guess what ? This is my month baby….It’s June baby .yahoo.

Happy Birthday  To Me, being an adult woman is not easy as I think I guess < still remember how bad I am want to be an adult in school>  .Sometimes feel so awkward when people start to call me * kakak* in real hahahhahha (budget muda ) because only few people called me kakak , only youngster.

I would like to thanks to all kind warm wishes and thoughts and doa.masyallah , only ALLAH can repay all your kindness. Sadness and history been taught me to be more alert and be careful to which ever creatures: P < say NO to backstabbers > and always beware not to trust people easily. But an honest relationship i built in Jeddah make me realized that there are still GOOD people outside and it’s all depends on how you react and adapt. And AGE also remind me that I can’t blame others 100%, as human being, I’m not perfect either. Nobody is perfect except Almighty, Ya ALLAH.

Thank you ALLAH swt for all Rizki, to have wonderful parents, to have loving parents in law,my cool siblings and in laws, best friend and my companion , my soul ,my other half Ahmad J( though I’m truly sad for what happen : we plan but ALLAH know best kan sayang ?)  My beautiful princess. Rania you light up my life sayang ….

Thank you to my new colleagues, for the surprise birthday cake, frankly I’m still wondering why you guys choose the angry bird’s cake .LOL . Anyway I love the cake so much, thank you nana darling for the early present, I love the watch. TO my lovely ANAK, thank you for insisted to buy mommy a slice of Secret recipe‘s cake (that you claimed was my favourite cake hahah : black forest cake never being my favourite. And for the beautiful handmade card masyallah I love it so much sayang .

3 more years going to 3 series and lots of things to do, and I guess I’m ready for it .Inshallah .Please ALLAH guide me.

Love and proud being Young to the old people, and proud to be old for young people,
Happy Birthday darling Nadia.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cheese cake in Ramekins : No bake cheese

It’s been a while since my last entry about food recipes .Nor that I didn’t cook or bake, I’m just to busy with my Life.*yeah right Nadia*
So yesterday I’m free but still lazy to stay in kitchen for few hours so I decided to make a simple dessert that I ate in Zahara’s house last weekend. Thank you again Zahara for the recipe .It’s really simple but still I can feel that not good enough like yours. Perhaps the magic hand ya.
Cheese Cake in Ramekins (seriously no idea either it’s one of the cheese cake family or not) but definitely will be my favorites and glad family and my friends love it. :)
(zara: I change the amount according to my ramekin’s size : This recipe is for 6 medium ramekins and 6 small ramekins )
1 packed cream cheese (I used Philadelphia cheese brand)
1 cup double cream
Lemon juice
3 tbsp icing sugar (depends to you)
Chopped strawberries (rest with caster sugar in the fridge)
Shortbread (I used butter cookies: crushed)
-          Crushed butter cookies as a base in ramekins.
-          Combined Cream cheese, cream and icing sugar together, blend it.
-          After done with cream part , you can eat it with your strawberry or raspberry or even blueberry .Yummy
Super easy, super delicious and filled with creamy cheese in no time, you can eat it direct or cold it in fridge for couple of hours.
Enjoy your weekend peeps.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rania saying goodbye to : Milk bottle


At this moment, I can barely balance myself as my head is keep spinning non-stop and it’s started since this morning. I took 6 hourly Paracetamol but nothing happen, hoping miracle from ALLAH swt. I just can’t shut my eyes so decided to log into my blog and mumbling about what’s going on these past few days.
1st June , we’re in  KL !I forget to brought Rania’s milk bottle , so I remind Ahmad J to bring her bottle that we left in KL ,at our humble cribs. Being a man, Ahmad J as usual, didn’t have time to REMEMBER about it. Shucks….no bottle? With the grown up kids like Rania, I tried to find a great excuses to tell her .Yes! I told we lost her bottle and no choice she had to drink milk in a cup with straw. To shut her up, I end my story with: This is my final Decision Rania!!! hehehhehe sorry baby , and guess what , she already been drinking milk in a cup for a week.
Oh Rania mommy so proud of you my baby girl, opps no more baby, you’re big girl now darling sweetie.
It’s like a dream , watching you growing up healthy , clever and filled with joy and happiness ,Rania ,my tears dripping  fast when listen to your du’a everyday ( been taught by lil princess Afsheen) :
 Ya ALLAH , please give me a baby sister * …*tears* Insha ALLAH sayang,ALLAH knows best and HE will grant it when the time comes, ONLY HE knows when we’re ready .And mommy trust you definitely will be a great sister indeed to your sister/brother in future inshaALLAH. Just keep du’a and please don’t grow up so fast L I miss you already even you’re besides me all the time!

MIA: Missing In Action

Assalammualaikum ,

Holla guys …

Miss me? Post - holiday trip is not fun at all, no energy and spirit to go work but what to do. I choose to be this way .Phew : can’t complaint .SO it’s totally a wrap, remember in my previous entry because of my kindness and hardworking I’m entitled 1 week off from work yahooooooo …so there we go , Rania and I went to KL instead of waiting for Ahmad J. It’s been a while since last time Rania seeing her paternal families. We spent all our time in PJ house , Ahmad J’s grandparents’ house and visit our home sweet home in KL for urmmmm like 2 hours (just to perform Maghreb prayer and take our clothes) . 4 days in KL is so short for us as we occupied most of our time visiting families and Rania’s friends. Seriously no rest at all, and every day is one whole day packed with all inviting .Thank you so much for having us darling….spent our lazy Saturday moment with my parents in law at their mansion, had extra yummy delicious satay at Fahmi and Jojo’s sweet and cosy cribs at night ended our night with games .Get to meet all Ahmad J‘s big families at cousin’s wedding at Ballroom,KL Tower , tea party time with Ummi in law at Dunkin donuts. Enjoy my chips with chilli spinach dip ,Zahara’s recipe ,Thank you for having us really appreciate it and so glad to see Rania and Afsheen can get a long together like a sister in no time.* grin * I’m a happy mom!

But still lots of Ahmad J “s family we didn’t visit, inshALLAH soon, really need to be a *good girl* at work so my boss will grant all my holiday request.hauahahhahahahah…

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