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Monday, May 6, 2013

Thank you Mr Postman


Do you ever have experienced heart beats faster than usual, smile like a clown when you saw Mr Postman at your mailbox? Yes that’s me. The feeling is exactly the same whenever I’m in mall but only that we can’t visualize the item. So there we go, the habit is started since I’m pregnant and became worsen during my confinement time and the project go on and on until now but still can’t challenge the pink stiletto‘s online shopaholic tho .
The online shopping habit stop when I’m in Jeddah…oopsss nope never stop I guess as I often purchased online via my sister in Malaysia. There lots of transaction and procedure to purchased direct from Saudi so I prefer to pass and asked my sister for help.

Alhamdulillah so far based on my experienced, I never been cheated, and most of the outcome is perfect size, beautiful material and good bargain. There are some problem arise delay, wrong item but they settle it perfectly. And now I’m afraid the *disease * came back to visit me especially now my Maybank 2u online banking is working.*shut* I will shop a lot now. Who can resist with all cute, gorgeous and cheap baju and tudung in Facebook and now the easy way is using Instagram. Seriously It’s make my life easier. Just click LIKE sign (love) and comment below the picture and the owner will respond via whatapss/viber and payment and then ready just wait for your precious item at your door. :)  Simple as A<B<C right?

Of course, absolutely there have pro and cons. The good things is you spend less time ,shop while you lying down on bed, no jammed, no parking .But one things is with lower price you  intend to click and comment all pictures, at the end you will *accidentally * purchased half of the online boutique.*sigh* ….  Sometimes I just wish that my Maybank2u is not working or can’t do the transaction .LOL.

But all this depends on you, How you managed to control  yourself to buy ONLY good bargain stuff , or  * hard to get stuff * and etc.

These are few of my favourite online boutiques.Please do check it out them:


NJ said...

shopping apa la tu ye?? :)

neverletmego said...

Hye dear ,shopping tudung n cardigan je .

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