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Monday, May 6, 2013

Lovebirds:tie the knot

Assalammualaikum ,

Yeah its May .Wedding dazzling month, i received a long list wedding invitation and would love to attend it all. Hope my boss granted my leave request. Amin

Last Saturday, my family and i went to Alor Setar to my best buddy ex housemate in Arabian Homes, Jeddah It was a great pleasure to meet her back after almost 6 month.

To the gorgeous bride:

Kak wani,

I'm sorry i couldn't spare more time at your wedding, I’ve tried to take leave but it seems that i have to sacrifice for work from the bottom of my heart, I’m so happy for you and alhamdulillah all your dream come true .Even though I only can stay for few hours/minutes, I’m glad to witness your happiness and see you at your fairyland beautiful dais. And envy your wedding gown. Super beautiful. masyallah. Hope to meet you soon soul sister.

Happy newlyweds kakak syg,

Ya  Allah, bless this couple with faith, love and happiness in this world and the Next.

Ya Allah, You are the Loving (Al Wadud) and the Merciful (Al Rehman). Please put love and mercy in the hearts of this couple for each other.

Our Creator, strengthens the hearts of the bride and groom with faith, and let them increase in their love and commitment to You through their bond.

Amin, Ya rabbal alamin.

Let's see the beautiful bride and handsome groom.

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