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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Evelyn Fitness Dance Studio


I have to confess one thing about being a mother and wife, you intend to act like everything is look okay I mean to be more specific: my appearance! Day by day I felt heavier and not productive, I’m not saying working  in new environment is not challenging like in Saudi, it just the situation and sometimes the *stay –in-your –own-country * feeling is the one make me feel more relax and comfortable. Nothing much I did actually, besides going work, watching tv series , spend time with Rania and blab la until one day Ahmad J says: “You look different sayang”……..


Okay he got to be kidding. To me it doesn’t matter the difference is in the good way or bad way. One word I can say is ---à I need to change! Something has to change, I don’t know? But I will try to find it until I figure it out. Better not to ask him; sometimes men are too HONEST and not so sensitive. Agree? Looking at my daily life style, I have decided to join my sister to her new activities. Guess what?
Yes I’m, I have joined the Fitness Dance class, and it’s my 3rd time attended the fantastic and aggressive class. Wow, like a dream, unbelievable to follow my beautiful and sexy instructor: Madam Evelyn, who is 57 years old with 2 children Oh my, *macam anak dara kot * with her flat tummy * aim for it*.
Okay just hope it will not be * hangat hangat tahi ayam *

The fees is so reasonable with registration fee RM 20, and you can choose how frequent your class and I choose to have 6 classes in a month for ONLY RM60. They also offer unlimited class for RM 150 .But I guess 6 classes is perfect for the beginner. I’m easy to get bored for the normal +slow aerobic but when it comes to dance, I just can feel my adrenaline rush J Admired Madam Evelyn,

Madam Evelyn also advice to take small amount food for dinner and reduce heavy food à RICE! It not make any changes if you still continues your *eating* habit, comes 2-3 times to class and dream to be healthy! But the things is, I really not comfortable with some people who like to said: nadia , tak payah datang dah kurus”

Again: to be frank, I’m not saying I’m thin, flat or bony. It’s me; I think I know better than you guys. Exercise is not just to be thin, or to be gatal gatal terkinja kinja in the class, but my main reason is to be healthier, to keep fit and to build my energy! I lost it all, my stomach always upset craving for extra food late night and it’s definitely not a good sign especially when thinking about my Syed’s family‘s medical history.

for those people yang would thinking me being  rude: you're WRONG and i never said like this woman! ! i'm not and i don't eat sandwich hahhaha i eat nasi with sambal belacan.:P

Let’s be fit and healthy lifestyle.

Thank you ahmad J for the support , loving  my new shoes :) thank you darling sayang...


cindyrina said...

Whoa!!! so committed to join this fitness studio. Me? och...my treadmill at home only use for twice a week and always failed :) hehehehe

neverletmego said...

hahhahha...yeah ..but i skip few classes already this june.phew... rest before start in july ( ramadhan)working shifts difficult to get spare time.*what an excuses*

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