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Hi there! I’m Sharifah Nadia, i'm married to the sweetest husband and mommy to my only precious daughter,Rania and my adorable son , Razin .If you need to find out more, do check out my blog and I've finally made up my mind to blog in whichever language I'm most comfortable with at that point of time - English, Malay or Rojak. Please bear with me... Lots of Love, Nadia

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Evelyn Fitness Dance Studio


I have to confess one thing about being a mother and wife, you intend to act like everything is look okay I mean to be more specific: my appearance! Day by day I felt heavier and not productive, I’m not saying working  in new environment is not challenging like in Saudi, it just the situation and sometimes the *stay –in-your –own-country * feeling is the one make me feel more relax and comfortable. Nothing much I did actually, besides going work, watching tv series , spend time with Rania and blab la until one day Ahmad J says: “You look different sayang”……..


Okay he got to be kidding. To me it doesn’t matter the difference is in the good way or bad way. One word I can say is ---à I need to change! Something has to change, I don’t know? But I will try to find it until I figure it out. Better not to ask him; sometimes men are too HONEST and not so sensitive. Agree? Looking at my daily life style, I have decided to join my sister to her new activities. Guess what?
Yes I’m, I have joined the Fitness Dance class, and it’s my 3rd time attended the fantastic and aggressive class. Wow, like a dream, unbelievable to follow my beautiful and sexy instructor: Madam Evelyn, who is 57 years old with 2 children Oh my, *macam anak dara kot * with her flat tummy * aim for it*.
Okay just hope it will not be * hangat hangat tahi ayam *

The fees is so reasonable with registration fee RM 20, and you can choose how frequent your class and I choose to have 6 classes in a month for ONLY RM60. They also offer unlimited class for RM 150 .But I guess 6 classes is perfect for the beginner. I’m easy to get bored for the normal +slow aerobic but when it comes to dance, I just can feel my adrenaline rush J Admired Madam Evelyn,

Madam Evelyn also advice to take small amount food for dinner and reduce heavy food à RICE! It not make any changes if you still continues your *eating* habit, comes 2-3 times to class and dream to be healthy! But the things is, I really not comfortable with some people who like to said: nadia , tak payah datang dah kurus”

Again: to be frank, I’m not saying I’m thin, flat or bony. It’s me; I think I know better than you guys. Exercise is not just to be thin, or to be gatal gatal terkinja kinja in the class, but my main reason is to be healthier, to keep fit and to build my energy! I lost it all, my stomach always upset craving for extra food late night and it’s definitely not a good sign especially when thinking about my Syed’s family‘s medical history.

for those people yang would thinking me being  rude: you're WRONG and i never said like this woman! ! i'm not and i don't eat sandwich hahhaha i eat nasi with sambal belacan.:P

Let’s be fit and healthy lifestyle.

Thank you ahmad J for the support , loving  my new shoes :) thank you darling sayang...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Wedding May : So happy together :)


It’s a bright sunny day, my sweat is dripping all over my body but it’s so beautiful MasyaALLAH. While I’m browsing hanis’s solemnization pictures and transferring it to my hard disk, I have been thinking why not I just update my blog. I have known hanis since I’m in primary school, and now its been17 years, we study in the same high school, never lost contact I guess as hanis’s parent house is near to my parent’s house. I‘ve plan to go her wedding reception but as we know, we only planned but ALLAH knows better so for last minute notice I have to attend courses  2 days weekend so after work on Friday , Rania and I went to her solemnization. I’m sorry dear couldn’t make it to your special day,:L wish you a very happy marriage , your new life as a lucky wife to your incredible husband. May ALLAH swt blessed you and husband and together till Jannah. In sha ALLAH .Congratulations: you looks stunning and beautiful my dear .

The best thing about the wedding besides the bride and groom (of course) is I met my school mate. Yay and as usual we took pictures more than we talking about ourselves, hurmm very bad.

AL-Sagoff's family time :Bowling


Freedom after done with my stressful weekend exam ALS (Advance Life Support) inshallah will definitely share and update entry about it soon. I’m supposed to get my weekend off but unfortunately my boss has submitted my name for the courses so as usual sacrifices have to make. :P There we go, just ruined all my plan and activity with family but again ALLAH is kind and guess what ? I get I week (almost) off next week.*splendid*.

Rushing on Friday after work , rania and I went to my old friend ‘s solemnization : Hanis Busyra and glad to meet my school mate .Right after that , my family and I went for bowling. Yay, yes I’m addicted to bowling now. No idea why? But it seems to be my favourite outdoor activities at the moment. :P . Enjoy activities with family; 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bowling maniac


It’s funny , last time I always pray to have this moment to come in Saudi , No patients or suddenly wish patients disappear for ONLY one day .But at the moment after 3 rd fine and lil” quite night , I can’t hardly open my panda eyes.* snapfinger * .

IDEA : Let’s start blogging.I promised my self to stop complaining about my current obsession towards food and the outcome is will affect my ideal body weight .Gotcha.

Nothing can be done with now, my mak always forced me to start “jog in the house. “Oh MR treadmill, insha allah maybe next time. Besides planning for hiking and badminton group, last week my colleagues and I start our journey to * healthy * life, there we go bowling *suka-suki* together. Honestly even it’s an indoor activities, l I used and utilize all my muscle and 3 games straight seems a challenging. ahhahaha drama queen.*slapface* while thinking when was my last time at bowling lane. Haahahahhaha The activities continue last weekend with AhmadJ and his cousin, Abg Jai and his two lovely’s princess.To be truth , there are no Sweats at all ( air-conditioner ) .please give me some credit .At least I’ve tried to be healthy tho.:P blab la bla …..

Owh tummy please behave yourself and stop being like *cacing kerawit*.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New mobile app:PicsArt


Erk.... alhamdulillah filled my tummy with vanilla cupcakes fresh from oven.glad everyone in house love it especially my very-choosy -food little girl.she loves it to the max.
Stop talking bout cupcakes , let it cool down for decoration tomorrow.i'm supposed to get ready and prepared myself with next week exam ; will definitely write bout it soon , but today i want to share new application that i found in playstore few days ago (pardon me if i'm late.new me )  .It's really useful for me especially in blogging.i don't have to wait to post entry via my laptop and edit my picture attach using the mybighugelab website or befunky.com .BUT now no more.i can update entry directly from my mobile phone and edit my picture using this application which is so cool and fun!!♥♥♥♥♥♥see example attached :
(But still can't help with my typo problem )

Monday, May 6, 2013

Thank you Mr Postman


Do you ever have experienced heart beats faster than usual, smile like a clown when you saw Mr Postman at your mailbox? Yes that’s me. The feeling is exactly the same whenever I’m in mall but only that we can’t visualize the item. So there we go, the habit is started since I’m pregnant and became worsen during my confinement time and the project go on and on until now but still can’t challenge the pink stiletto‘s online shopaholic tho .
The online shopping habit stop when I’m in Jeddah…oopsss nope never stop I guess as I often purchased online via my sister in Malaysia. There lots of transaction and procedure to purchased direct from Saudi so I prefer to pass and asked my sister for help.

Alhamdulillah so far based on my experienced, I never been cheated, and most of the outcome is perfect size, beautiful material and good bargain. There are some problem arise delay, wrong item but they settle it perfectly. And now I’m afraid the *disease * came back to visit me especially now my Maybank 2u online banking is working.*shut* I will shop a lot now. Who can resist with all cute, gorgeous and cheap baju and tudung in Facebook and now the easy way is using Instagram. Seriously It’s make my life easier. Just click LIKE sign (love) and comment below the picture and the owner will respond via whatapss/viber and payment and then ready just wait for your precious item at your door. :)  Simple as A<B<C right?

Of course, absolutely there have pro and cons. The good things is you spend less time ,shop while you lying down on bed, no jammed, no parking .But one things is with lower price you  intend to click and comment all pictures, at the end you will *accidentally * purchased half of the online boutique.*sigh* ….  Sometimes I just wish that my Maybank2u is not working or can’t do the transaction .LOL.

But all this depends on you, How you managed to control  yourself to buy ONLY good bargain stuff , or  * hard to get stuff * and etc.

These are few of my favourite online boutiques.Please do check it out them:

Lovebirds:tie the knot

Assalammualaikum ,

Yeah its May .Wedding dazzling month, i received a long list wedding invitation and would love to attend it all. Hope my boss granted my leave request. Amin

Last Saturday, my family and i went to Alor Setar to my best buddy ex housemate in Arabian Homes, Jeddah It was a great pleasure to meet her back after almost 6 month.

To the gorgeous bride:

Kak wani,

I'm sorry i couldn't spare more time at your wedding, I’ve tried to take leave but it seems that i have to sacrifice for work from the bottom of my heart, I’m so happy for you and alhamdulillah all your dream come true .Even though I only can stay for few hours/minutes, I’m glad to witness your happiness and see you at your fairyland beautiful dais. And envy your wedding gown. Super beautiful. masyallah. Hope to meet you soon soul sister.

Happy newlyweds kakak syg,

Ya  Allah, bless this couple with faith, love and happiness in this world and the Next.

Ya Allah, You are the Loving (Al Wadud) and the Merciful (Al Rehman). Please put love and mercy in the hearts of this couple for each other.

Our Creator, strengthens the hearts of the bride and groom with faith, and let them increase in their love and commitment to You through their bond.

Amin, Ya rabbal alamin.

Let's see the beautiful bride and handsome groom.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

*Bangsawan Raja Bersiong*


Hohoho now i'm enjoy updating  blog with my humble little precious samsung mini.it'a true practice make perfect.So let's practice .

Last friday , my sister ina asked to accompany her to usm for a theater *Bangsawan Raja Bersiong * . Me ?watching theater ?unbelieveable but guess what ? I really enjoy it . I'm not good in 'cerita dongeng ' or history but  the langkasuka kingdom's story is really fantastic .;)

I would like to share the story but seriously hrhrh it will take long time. Overall it is a success congratulations sister ina 's friend 's brother in law . Say yay to more theater.

Hello may

Assalammualaikum ,

Hello darlings , hope i'm not to late to wish you guys happy labour day.well i guess i 'd never have my labour day,it seems that triple pay is a good deal for it .

It's difficult to get us,alsagoff family  together ,my big sister is at putrajaya with jabatan perdana menteri ,my one and only ahmad J based in kl , my lil bro is in johor(now he is here back yay) . So last week , we had early pre -birthday dinner for my lovely sister ina at our old time favourite place Kg Pelet ,Puncak Mutiara restaurant ,(except my lil br0ther)

I'm not sure i have update any entry about this famous,cosy place .but honestly who ever stay in north region or come to visit penang/kedah REALLY need to try their food.
It's marvelous . They offer lots of variety ,name it steambot,roasted,grill ,nasi? Western food and their delicious lamb chop is always our choice .and it's only MYR 19 with big portion. Love their black pepper sauce. Yummy yummy nononomnomno

Definitely will  always be my favourite place to eat!

P/s will upload more picture later .insha allah

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