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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Toy Museum , Teluk Bahang

Assalammualaikum , 

This week I will be busy with Orientation Programme, ya I know orientation after one month started work?

Alhamdulillah, I’m getting better now except the cough still there. 

Last weekend, Ahmad J and I brought Rania to visit Toy Museum, in GPS the location is at Tanjong Tokong but now Toy Museum already move to Teluk Bahang nearly 2 months now. So to all don’t trust the GPS, just type Butterfly Farm and in sha ALLAH you will in the right wayJ, because Toy Museum is same row with Butterfly Farm, Teluk Bahang.

 Rania is not happy as we expected, Rania so scared and scream all the way in the museum. It’s true that *malaikat takkan masuk ke rumah dgn adanya patung2 begini * ermmmm   BUT when we reach the Barbie collection sides, seriously Rania and I became starstruck , heart beat fast to see all the beautiful  Barbie doll collections from 1970’s , 1980’s, until now.

So let’s just see the pictures  I able to snap.

 the War Nurse, zaman Florence Nightangle.

 see rania don't want to walk.*penakut* 

 * i like him*

*Charmed series* : My favourite series .... 

 Wow, nice outfit barbie.:)

 i want this car...Back to the Future flying car.

 seriously so beautiful, but kalau kat rumah mahu i lari .She is so *pretty * and REAL.

 Check -out the rattan *sofa* hehehheheh

 Rania says: goofie's boot is stinky.

 Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra Barbie.

 My old time favourite singer : Frank Sinatra.

 Mary Poppins doll.,, so pretty .i want i want i want ...

Okay seriously i have a lots of pictures but it will take long time to upload.So next time in future then darling, It's like staying in  fantasy room full with all cartoon characters , to stay there ? to keep them ?i don't think so! 

Ahmad J ,i miss u .

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