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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Short getaways :TANJUNG BUNGAH


What a blessed, look at the beach...

if duniya is so beautiful, i can't imagine how is jannah, masyallah.
right after my duty last Saturday we went for short getaways AGAIN to Penang and this time we checked in at old hotel in Tanjung Bungah. I’m glad AhmadJ managed to get room for us in weekend at last minute, was not school holiday but all prices shoot up in weekend.hurmm..  Our very first experienced in Copthorne Hotel. I’m not happy with the room, small and ermm what can I say Is like *hotel zaman p.ramlee* but the interesting part is there have their own private beach.:) That a very good news for rania ,beach-y girl and plus the hotel is near to gurney drive as our main project besides built sand castle is to have our dinner there :at the stall emm having pasembur, sotong bakar uuuhhh yummy near the beach. Happy face.

We really had a great time, relax, holiday, stress-free, pampered our self with foot spa, karaoke-ing for the first time in my life at RedBox , eating and eating …:P .
Will stop right now, need to get hot tea before sleep and long day tomorrow at work, will insha allah update more after this. Leave you guys with our marvellous time together.

Foot spa +massage @ Puteri ledang, Gurney Plaza 

Thank you baba, for the lovely +short holiday.:) we miss you, Rania says "i can't wait for friday, i love friday my baba come back ."

 p/s : Pictures taken using samsung galaxy S3 Mini.


Fazahra said...

sungguh2 rania nyanyi..cute

and baba with pashmina..lol ;)

neverletmego said...

hikhikhik cek mek rania mmg kalau buat sesuatu tu focus and bersungguh heheh padahal nyanyi lagu happy birthday ja tu.:) i tkk perasan baba with pashmina. *slapsforehead*

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