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Thursday, April 4, 2013

My driving license


I got my driving license when I’m  18 years old, right after SPM , and my first –alone –driving to get my SPM result and believe it or not , that is my VERY Last time. Seriously, Nadia?

I didn’t get chance like my siblings to drive our parent’s car as i went to KL for study. Three years away from home, and car seems to be *scary object * to me. Hikhikhik Such a drama queen. Plus nursing course don’t have long semester break like others courses, so that will be one of the reason. After delivered, by hook or by crook I need to drive to work and fetch Rania from my Aunt’s house, but it’s only last for 2-3 months drive. That was in 2009.I’m so lucky to have beautiful family, I can still feel like I’m the baby girl in the family (youngest girl) and so pampered by my beloved husband, no need to drive, send and pick up by my darling husband until I fly to SAUDI. 

So by right now since 10 years wow I never drive car like others: P BUT the first never missed to renew my driving licence.

Now, I need to drive to work! I really need to be an independent like before I married.NO more dependent Mom.SO here we go, Thank you hubby for the cute and lovely car, love it so much. I feel so confident and safe with ALLAH’s will. In sha Allah.

Can u imagine how worried my husband and walid? I have to sms-ed them every time I reached working place. Like every day, is almost 1 month now and I’m not sure until when? :)

And the funny things is Rania keep asked me * what are you doing mom? Mom, why mom? When she saw i drove my car for the first time. She even closed her eyes. She makes me more nervous. LOL.

But Alhamdulillah, I felt more confident now and of course is AUTOMATIC, and as we know practice make perfect.

Thank You sweetheart for *The GOLD car *.

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