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Friday, April 12, 2013

Magic Card ?


Hye darlings,

2 more days and I’m done with my Orientation programme. Alhamdulillah, and can’t wait for weekend short getaways to Penang AGAIN. Where else we can go aite for just 2 days off? As long we were together with loves one and spending quality time, that’s more important.

Rania is so cute today I mean extra Cute. Last night after work, my sister ,Rania and I went to Mall and as routine I remind Rania, what our objective to Mall ( e.g to buy groceries / toiletries etc.) ,and keep in her minds that we will not buy toys for her .

1st Scene in the mall:

While waiting my sister in the fitting room, I’m busy looking at the new arrival section of dress/clothes/pants, with her innocent face and she says out loud:

Rania : owh mommy, put the dress back, You don't have money for that ( and walked away)

Mommy : *gulp..grrr*

*slap forehead*

Seriously at that moment, I wish I can disappear or be one of the mannequins. All in that section were looking at me.

2nd scene in the mall: Stilettos store’s cashier counter

*my sister used her Debit card*

Rania: *her cute curios face* hurmmm, bibi ina also no money? What is that?

BIbi Ina: I used magic card rania.

Rania: mommy I want magic card too. Pleaseeeeeee pwetty please.

Mommy:  ? ? What do you want to do with the magic card rania ?

Rania: I don’t know, to buy something, my stuff.

Mommy : hahahhaahhahhhhaah I don’t think so, ask your father.

I’m sorry Ahmad J, she might be your clone but she is Nadia’s junior.

Can we have YOUR magic card baba…..:P

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