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Friday, April 19, 2013

Little girl to Adult


Hello dolls,

Sometimes I feel that my daughter is now adult, dealing with grown up child. Maybe it is because the way Ahmad J and I settled and confront every step, problem with rania’s attitude. Not that we want to pressure her just a gentle reminder to this little girl how is life about, especially when it comes to food. Alhamdulilah , After start with supplement and multivitamin Appeton Lysine with Prebiotic ,rania’s appetite increase and she also have no problem trying new food depends to the food presentation as well. Like before, she is not a fan of ice cream, chocolate ,cakes to cut it short, she refuse all sweets food. That is good news man….

And she is exactly like me, little girl who always have some issue with the new food especially raw .Raw?raw ? Guess what? I never try sushi or any korea, japan food.To me when it comes to their famous food, I will be like ….oh my is yuck Don’t you know there will be germs or worms in raw food? Ermmmm  Big no-No for me.

Time flies, I realized I’m no more mak and walid’s little girl, I’m a mother to a big girl, a MAK cik already to rania’s friend (am I that old? wuarghh) So there we go, i change my mind set and tried Ahmad J ‘s favourite food .



And now, I completely honest announce that I’m BIG fan of SUSHI.i Love you sushi, you are so yummmmmmyyyy…

p/s over blog update I ever shared. Cita pasal sushi ja pun…:P bluek .

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