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Thursday, April 25, 2013

AJF Vs Ahmad-J


Hello Pretty, 

Guess what? I already started my night shift and yay Alhamdulillah its 2 (two) quiet and peaceful night. As usual post night shift, I intend to stay up at night and sleep the whole day, well will back to normal once I balance my night-day rest time. Nothing much happen past 1 week, I’ve plan to go hiking with my colleagues tomorrow but have to cancel it and its already 3rd times. hahhahha knowing me , my body refuse to exercise :P .lazy mind.

Few of my friends that I know from internet asked me frequent question about AJF? Who is Ahmad J, so to make sure no one confuse and to stop any speculation arise I guess I need to explain details. To be complete honest, I didn’t call my husband, *abang* like those couple (I know I’m supposed to show some respect) but the things is we are not used to it, since * kawan*- *get engaged we used to call * bee * for? I’m not sure short form for what? bee for hubby or bee for honey bee….and now we call each other with which –ever come across in mind ,sayang, bee, mommy rania, ummi rania , abu rania, and etc….Most of the time is *B* , don’t ask me why not *A* , C or other letters. In blog or even in every conversation with friends I prefer to used AJF (which is his REAL name Ahmad J____  F____ )  as *kata penganti husband * , i don’t want anyone to get annoyed with my story tho , my husband is …my hubby kan bla bla,…my  b is …sounds weird right ? (don’t  get offended , it’s just me :P) .We all know that every words came out from our mouth is Du’a , so I realized that there are no meaning for AJF. Therefore I think is better to call him Ahmad-J instead of AJF .Ahmad means Worthy of praise; more commendable. Masya Allah….So this is the reason, there are no such things change name  or *saja suke2* , Both AJF and Ahmad-J are real name, is good for rania as she should know by now her name, her father’s and mom’s name.

Plus, now Rania started to learn to spell…J she recognises alphabet letters, also she understand  ,try to translate English to Malay .

Her new words today  makes mommy non-stop laugh …

Rania, apa tu katil ?with confidence face , katil is satay mom….


Ok sweety till then.

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