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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rania Life in Dream House


Lately Rania kept begging to watch Barbie Life in Dream house, every day. At first yes I enjoy to watch it together with Rania, but for every day?  AJF and I can even sing their theme song now, seriously? And since our house been haunted by that series, I never saw Rania playing with her toys. This is not a good sign. I don’t want Rania ended up like other kids out there who keeps concentrate with the technologies and smartphones, so our plan for her own Ipad will be just a PLAN. We already made a rules for Rania, she only allow watching The Barbie series whenever we think she can, not an order from her like before. Yes, believe it or not she is so demanding and a bit bossy especially to her grandparents and aunt. Spoilt brat! 

My sister have a hard time to say NO to her for The Barbie series, so she been trying to do activities with her  such as drawing, painting or cooking.

 Rania's own masterpiece, her first *orang-orang* .That's mommy with Fat tummy < rania says...sob sob sob..mommy fat ?

Ooppps don’t get me wrong; I do love Barbie, so much. I just think that is not a good idea to watch it every day? Furthermore, besides the pretty Barbie, handsome ken and fashion nothing much you can learn, is more like watching teenager series. 

So today, after cleaning Rania’s messy toys boxes. Instead of drawing and cooking, we *play*Barbie Life in dream house in the house.

 Mak tok is cooking, hehehhe

 The end; Rania life in Dream House. 
I'm glad rania happy and enjoy, no more " mommy , i want barbie the dream house ,please pweetyyy please " heheheee at least for now .

Good Night baba.

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