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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Career MOm : Mother - daughter Bonding.


10 pm, arrive home safely. Yes, supposedly I finish work at 9pm, but Monday blues is really busy day and extra workload. Too much sick patients nowadays, blame the weather? Ermmm I don’t think so, we should watch out our daily living. It’s really tiring day, I only can see my bed in my mind once I punched out my card. BUT I totally forgot all my tiring minds and body, feel so happy, when i saw my princess waiting and shout my name out at the door. Oh sweety, mommy misses you so much darling.

Honestly I feel so fresh even I didn’t take shower at that time, listen to her story, her daily activities at home. Career mom mode turned out good, yay. I can feel the difference when your family around and not (like in Saudi before).

By the way, before rania got to sleep, we managed to spend a little time together, practicing her ABC’s, and numbers. Other than that as usual her favourite things cooking and baking .She makes a chocolate cake and carrot cake for me today.hikhikhik . Thank you Laura Vitale, you really a good chef.*lol* .I’m so proud of Rania, she is so alert with all the baking steps, the new words from her is, 

1)      Decoration

2)      Spreads the icing with spatula

3)      Sprinkle on top of cake

And she even knows the steps making the dough.huh.

Oh baby, you really love baking and cooking right? It’s just help mommy and baba an idea what to get for your birthday present this year. *finger snaps* with grin.

Ok till then really need my rest, started to feel giddy now, can’t even see the letter on my screen.

I will leave you guys with my favourite homemade dessert * Mango Sticky rice* .ermmm yummy, Thank you mak, good job, good food, good day, what more can i ask for ? Mom always can read our mind.

 Thank You ALLAH .Alhamdulillah.


Nissa Azmir said...

sedapnyaaa pulut mangga... :) lama x baca blog awak...

neverletmego said...

:) lama juga tk mnjengah blog bumi anbya or dh tukar now /?dh di malaysia ye dear?

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