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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How often do you visit the hospital ?

Assalammualaikum ,

How often i visit the Hospital ?everyday ? hehhehe

I still remembered during my clinical posting in Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM), all old patient's file is so bulky especially old folks ,too much of cases and admitting in the ward .To me It still can tolerate I guess as when you reach certain age , your body tense to get a lots of disease. Years gone by , after nearly 6 years as a state registered nurse , in Malaysia / International ,I noticed one things, our community start to learned ,educated and knows very well about medical line either through media electronic or newspaper  , and the latest you can even learned how to undergo Operation from YOUTUBE , so modern right ? So to be the in the medical team is not easy as you also have to prepared yourself with knowledge and need a really do homework with all the questions arise especially for me working in Emergency department, the front line of every Hospital .But this is not the issue, not the educated person, who is important or about the medical records file .This issue keep flying over my minds, how often do  you visit the hospital ? Recently at work, I’m a little bit shocked to see the medical record file of 2 years old girl, so bulky. Reminds me at the 80++ years Old's folder in HUKM a few years back. Clear vision, for your information medical records file or folder is a place we keep old files of patient’s history or as a guideline for us in future .Every visit include admission cases, investigation and treatment ,all in together kept safely in the file , so can you imagine how many times did the 2 years old  girl visit the hospital? Ermmmmmmmmmm Long pauses.

After go through the 2 years old girl files, every 2 weeks she is in and out of hospital. No, not a serious cases, she is not an oncology patients who needs treatment, she is not cardiac patients who needs to refill medications, she don’t even have a medical history or surgical before. Mostly the reason she was admitted is viral fever, URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) which is common problem for kids and adult as well. I don’t blame the parents tho, but I just think someone needs to educate the parents how harm hospital environment can be to the young patients. The bacterial infection is everywhere, spreading very fast than the rocket, attacks anyone regardless of race, be it young or old. Bear in mind darlings.

Frankly speaking, Rania have admitted hurmmm 2, 3 times all because of viral fever, AGE (acute gastroenteritis) .But seriously I never started rania with the antibiotic .Not that I don’t trust modern medications but I just think is too much of unwanted *ingredients* .Correct me if I’m wrong .Few years back Ajf and I used to have a little argument about rania when it comes to her health .I rather shower her, do tepid sponging than giving Paracetamol Syrup for her fever. Less medication is better .I don’t want to harm rania , sometimes I even feel that I’m so cruel when still thinking should I bring rania to the hospital when her temperature is spike let’s say 39.0 ‘c at 3 am, hahahhaha see how bad nurse can  be. I think I still can reduce her temperature and I’m sure if I bring her to the hospital they will do the same treatment as medication suppository or shower and maybe do some blood tests. Alhamdulillah AJf knows the flow and agreed with me, sometimes.
Basically , most of the parents is always jump to conclusion brought the children to hospital seek for treatment and happily agreed to admit their kids for observation  when  the kids is only fever day one with no other complaint. I also come across one case with the mother who came to the Emergency with the active kid complaint of fever day one with no negative problem and request for admission, at last we found that the mother have a problem as the other children is admitted,the father is working, babysitter not around ,so they ended up request doctor to admit the other patient ‘s siblings. Yeah private hospital became hotel right now; everyone can visit and admit here anytime. I understand the personal problem, but to harm your healthy kids? I don’t think so .And there are also some cases that don’t really need the inpatient treatment but request for admission just because the insurance did not cover the outpatient cost unless patient is admitted. Blame the insurance policy tho, they really need to revise all the policy.

The medical team especially the Doctors really need to decide which patient are needed the full treatment and observation in the ward regardless in private or government, be it insurance or pay cash. Discuss with the patient and family about pro and cons, risky of admission and the main objective why the patient need for admission? Not just simply admit the patients just because money and insurance purposes.

Just my two cents.

p/s : Today  I have one patient came complaint of slipped and  fall down at home , nothing much just a bruises at the left sided body , patient not fainted , and I still remember the patients said only need painkiller and will be happy , but became blur when one of the medical team asked whether the patient want to admit? Hurmmm …..are you serious ?

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