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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Career Mom : State Registered Nurse


Hello darlings,

I’m so energetic, excited to write and shared my experience in Wang Kelian, Thailand and Padang Besar, Perlis journey but too bad I couldn’t find my external hard disk (All picture save there) L .I’m sorry, in sha ALLAH will update about it once I found the external hard disk, entry update without pictures is boring .Alhamdulillah I already started my first day in new workplace 1st march after 6 months jobless. Good day to start your new career, Friday .I’m so lucky to get offered working in same department which is my favourite the most , emergency Department ,as I’m not mistaken I was informed they  only need staff in ICU or OT ( Operating  Theatre ) .Alhamdulillah .I always trust all Rizqi from ALLAH swt , HE knows better and knows well why ajf and I decided to stay here ,in Kedah .I rather shut my mouth and just ignore any speculations arise , than explaining to all worldwide .why , what ,where ?Too much questions .All I can say we need to sacrifice for the  sake of Rania ,our maid is not around ( plus there are a lots of crazy people out there  ), Ajf never ever trust nursery or leave his daughter stay the whole day in kindergarten and nursery ,especially with the terrible news everyday .Scary .I can imagine the nursery will get annoyed when Rania’s parents will call them every hourly just to ask what  she’s doing . Hahhaha.  So because of her I send my resume ONLY to the nearest private hospital near my parent’s house. After seeing the pros and cons, I accepted the offer and there we go, I’m back to my career, as State Registered Nurse in Emergency Department in one of private hospital in Penang.

Frankly speaking, I can tell rania was not happy at first, can’t blame her I guess she still traumatic mommy not around for a year. After Mom-daughter‘s talk she started to understand and I’m no-more worried .Furthermore she will be busy with her tok walid ,mak tok and her new future friends and school :)

March 2013  I’m officially back to work ,no more day dreaming , focus more to my job scope .Oh , I’m so glad with this new environment even though with *small * salary compared to previous job in Jeddah , but again Money never come first .It’s only experience and challenging is important in career. I would love to update my blog everyday but only ALLAH knows how my work is, first day to work stuck in my heads with all future programs especially JCI (Joint Commission International- the accreditation programs ) .Second day , went for ambulance call – not once but twice to picked up patients , you got to be kidding ambulance call for my second day well what can I say that’s my job , help and save lives by the grace of ALLAH swt .I’m so blessed to get the understanding and supporting superior, fantastic and friendly colleagues ,quiet and peace working place with minimal patients/visitor .This is the right time for me to rest hahahhah after 1 year busy workload  in Jeddah.

K ,till then

I’m proud State Registered Nurse and May ALLAH bless me and guide me to the right path in sha ALLAH.

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