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Friday, March 15, 2013

Career Mom : effective communication

Assalammualaikum ,

Stress, awkward, frustrating, disappointment --------------- > my minds keep spinning non-stop for 24/7 since I started to work. My mental blocked and tortured with this all mixed feeling and it’s really frustrating I couldn’t able to share with anybody! Of course Ajf and beloved family are always around but I don’t need sympathies from them or kind words. What I need now an explanation for all questions frequently pop-up in my minds. I guess all my blogger’s friend will think that I’m such a *negative* and Kaki complaint people .aren’t you? This is truth facts. It’s not easy to adapt every single thing and swallow all the term and regulations in one short. Ajf always remind me not to make enemy, frankly speaking I’m not the type who like to complaint, to judge, to do assumption, with this scenario I need to think twice before I follow the Flow, right? I don’t think I need to follow the things that obviously WRONG and not a practice in my nursing job scope. 

Like I always said, I’m not PERFECT .There are those things that they are good and implement from Day 1 but there are certain Rules that they‘re not used to it that can HARM patients .As for now, I’m sure you guys read the shared info from Facebook about the complaint from public regarding new born baby, who his/her IV line (intravenous line) dislodge in one of Government Hospital. Seriously this is a sad and this incident shouldn’t happen. I don’t want to be bias and blame anybody. I have my own idea which is

1)      “If I’m a mother of the new born baby, honestly I will be pissed-off and anxious looking at the blood splatter everywhere and took a long time for the in charge nurse to take look at my baby .Oh man where have all the nurses gone? Why can’t they apply and keep the IV line intact properly?”
--> The parent should understand nurse have a lot patient to take care, nurse sometime have to take minimum 6 babies per shift, (based my experienced in Saudi hospital ) ,maybe at that time when you saw your baby is suffering crying with the IV line is out , bleeding , maybe the nurse  is aware and looking for the gauze or just left the patient few minutes  ago.

I’ve read the nurse answer “ kalau tak suka ,jangan masuk ke hospital kerajaan “ 

( I don’t remember the exact words but it sound like that ) ,pardon me if I’m wrong .

But still, I don’t think so the nurse should say that (as in facebook shared post).Nurses, put yourself in the patient’s parents place, what will you do?

As the medical staff review, the nurse in charge should explain in details to the patient’s parent the possibilities IV line can dislodge: we can’t stop baby movement, right? Example: in Morse fall scale, new born baby is HIGH RISK Score to fall .The nurse should be extra careful and make sure to secure the IV line to prevent any complication. Second, as we know camera is not allowed in hospital (except private I guess), I have no idea when, how the parents get chance to snap the picture (you can see the pictures in Facebook, everybody is re-post the picture now) .how he pass the security? If I’m not mistaken in government hospital, maternity and Paediatric ward is a 24 hours strict visitor area with security guard. The question is where were the security guard? Hurm again, I’m not writing this entry to blame anybody. 

I strongly things all this happen because lack of communications. These is the criteria in every individual should implement which is effective communication to prevent misunderstanding. International accreditation, JCI ,they pay more attention to the IPSG, International Patient Safety Goal and Effective communications is fall in no 2 .See now we know how important communication not just in hospital  but in our daily life as well. With the good communication, we can prevent an incident happen and low risks: harm the patients with the human error. 

So nurses let’s communicate….

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