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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Career Mom : Dilemma


A week in the new environment makes me feel so lucky for who I am now, I’m not saying that I’m perfect but sometimes comparison shows how lucky you are exposed to the difference management, standard operating procedures and specifically in the advance job scope .Allah’s will, my new colleagues will fly away to Saudi and guess what? They will start work at my old hospital in Saudi. What a small world? For me it’s just a coincidence but to them is like ALLAH sends me to them to warn them about life and work in Saudi. Sigh.

I bet both of them too happy to hear everything they should know, what the dos and don'ts in Kingdom. Despite I know not all happy and comfortable with my story, I might sound so proud about Life in Saudi, or to be honest yes I miss being busy in Emergency Department in Saudi .:( .12 hours working shifts with full time occupied managing the *real* emergency cases, stress with the *no bed available * status in the ward, patients stuck in ER room, no time to take break and eat, but yet we still can smile and *partying * the next day. No. I never regret coming back home, family always come first but in terms of career, and experience I know I can learn more in Saudi .As I said, sacrifice and priority is always at my hubby, Rania and family after ALLAH swt.

Blink eyes twice, back to career mode, I can smell the good opportunity, I always trust ALLAH knows and plan nicely for us. HE will never leave you alone. Praised to ALLAH swt.  Target to be better person in future: in my career scope, expand more to be in the TOP with ALLAH’s will. In sha ALLAH.




Until I received call from AJF at work today, purpose me to be her 24Hours housewife, oh baby. You make me in dilemma.like always .


Good Night Malaysian.

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