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Monday, March 4, 2013

Career Mom : Challenging is everywhere .


How are you blogger?

Monday blues for me, I’m still working office hours (8.30am – 5pm), nothing much to do at work as I’m still under probation and orientation. My 50% mind at home and the other half at my superior’s talk .my bad. I couldn’t give extra attention to her, no nothing is wrong with her it just me, a bit tough to back to the square when you were cuddling, hugging with rania and day dreaming for past 6 months. I tend to compared everything here to other hospital, emmm I would love to change but I guess is normal or it just me? , I still can hear my superior was saying don’t take and evaluate the negative things only, try to push it away and appreciate the new *home* and try to improve it. I will start my working shifts this coming Thursday, so soon? Prefer to work shift than normal working hours, more tired and bored especially now I think I’m coming down with fever .dush….so manja my body.Alhamdulillah all my new colleagues so helpful, supportive and I can see the teamwork is very strong . hurm how much I miss my ER team back at Saudi. Truly miss them. :(.

Sometimes I think that I forgot to bring my *brain * to work .lol

P/s: short entry update for today, need to take care of rania .Suddenly she have allergic rashes whole body, visit the doctor just now hope nothing bad.

Good night, another challenging day tomorrow. Pray for the best ,In sha ALLAH .


babYpose said...

Salam, hope all is well now, take care..

hamzah ian said...

kena jaga kesihatan juga.. =)

neverletmego said...

babypose : salam, Thank you dear .in sha allah she is better now .

Hamzah ian: thank you

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