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Monday, March 11, 2013

Bonding time

Assalammualaikum ,

Happy Sunday darling blogger,

How are you guys doing? Hope is great as mine .Alhamdulillah. I’m busy adjusting my life, career, household and Rania .She so understands and not cranky like before. Even though patient’s daily census not that bad like in Saudi Hospital, but I can still feel body ache, stress and tired. Might be the long rest at home, especially morning wakeup call make my head spinning?

Better go now, it’s sister’s bonding time ( Yeah  my big sister is here ) but she will go back  to Putrajaya  tomorrow.:( .

Let’s watch My Old time-favourite, Tan Sri P.Ramlee‘s movie with ice cream, and a plate of homemade Cinnamon roll with cream cheese glaze, yummy 

Cinnamon roll with cream cheese glaze ...yummy 

In sha ALLAH will update the recipe soon ( hikhikhik ) .

Before end the entry, just want to share about my recently purchased at SASA, The incredible face mask .They have a few choices and my most favourite is Oatmeal, Moisturising facial sheet mask. A deep moisturising mask to help with dehydrated skin as dryness is one of the major causes of wrinkle formation .( absolutely perfect for my face ,say NO to wrinkle at age 20-s ) Contains Oatmeal Extract ,Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber Extract and Multi-Vitamin to keep skin soft and supple .An excellent treatment to replenish dry and rough skin.

It’s so complete and cheap too.

Other than that, I also love the Aloe & Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask, Cucumber Refreshing & Clarifying Mask, Pomegranate & Collagen Lifting Silky Mask, and Honey Peach Nourishing & Brightening Mask.

Ok tata ,gotta go now , Let’s ber-sasa.

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