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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Talking TOM

Assalammualaikum ,

Sharp 10pm .

Tonight will be the last night being an owl.

No more stay- up watching late night movie.

Career mode turn on .

Rania sleep early tonight, 9 pm shut eye. Full stop.

I got no time to choose and  edit our pictures  for Journey to the North's entry .I'm very busy .In the evening i occupied myself  reading , counting , playing , with Rania..i will be busy with work soon and rania will busy in her school and new friends- to-be .yay....in sha ALLAH

Gently reminder : this entry is all about rania .No motive at all.

No words can i described how lucky i am to have an adorable, clever , beautiful daughter.
Praised to ALLAH swt .
Sometimes she can be funny .annoying . bossy . and charming too.

 she thought ajf and i share the same name , baba is jazz lee,and mommy is jazz lee too. lol .funny aite ?
I'm bit curious today , rania call me mama instead of mommy .At first i just ignored because sometimes she likes to call  queen ,princess mommy ,or mom .but it getting weird when she keep calling mama  , the whole day and i notice she is not in *role-play * with her doll .

So.i asked her .

mommy : rania who is mama?
rania : mama ? you 're mama.
mommy : ermmm i'm mommy .
rania : owh i know that .( her favourite answer : miss know everythings phew )
mommy : then? why you call  me mama ?
Rania : you're my mom.your name is mommy.
mommy :.....................^ _ ^ .( confuse  )

what my name again ?

she started to think too much like her old man ( ajf ) now  , ya ALLAH swt i 'm so glad  if rania follow all her father's intelligence , skills , funny , Mr know-everything but not the Grey hair please  .blink eyes twice .hurmhurm ...
Other than creative idea , She now started to be ermmm what should i said .hmmmmmmmmm annoying ? too harsh ?
Bad behaviour is coming to pay a visit , laugh at mommy when i break the glass, give such an attitude whenever you ask for help ;

Mommy : rania , can u help mommy please .
Rania : NO ,thank you mom. I'm busy (while doing mess at her room )


Rania brand new excuses whenever we ask for help

Rania : I'm dizzy mom !

i just don't know how to react? angry? smile ? shout ? scream.speechless. I don't know who to blame , all day long she just with me and her father .no friends .TV show ? i guess yay , but she only been watching Disney Junior channel ( where she learn new English  words ) and Tv oasis to watch her favourite show : *Syoknya Mengaji *. After had a short discussion ,we ( ajf and i) strongly agree rania's behaviour is normal at her age .Child development stages ,peak time where she combined all beautiful & bad things in her surrounding to build the strong character .

 She loves Talking Tom so much , and started to sing along with Angela : the female cat in Talking TOm series .She even follow them , be a parrot ! follow each words , i think is rude but AJF thought is a cute and adorable furthermore he said  she only 4 years old .hurmmmm... see i told you is not easy to be a parent .Mental emotional pressured  to teach and to  be a good example for our children .

sigh .

Well, by the way  other than her un -expected behaviour , I'm proud to say rania now is really big girl she can even choose her own meals and drinks. 

 * I'm big girl mom , no more Disney channel ,i want owh my English ( it means TViQ channel ) .

* I love the cooking show ( food network or AFC ) : i want to cook like mommy * .

 She is such a darling except her *parrot * manner. I really can't tolerate with it!

rania : today / playing *play doh* / gift from her paternal aunt : Aunt farhana / with love

i love you no matter what because i trust every child is unique in his or her own way .be a solehah girl ya sweety .In sha ALLAH .


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