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Saturday, February 2, 2013

SSF : Home Deco

Assalammualaikum , 

Hello Kedah , hye what a nice , quite saturday , first weekend in the February .Yay , just had simple lunch with family :) ya ya ya ..i know it's late for having lunch  , it's lazy saturday as usual .No dessert from me for today as mak already made * Kuah Durian @ Bubur Durian * for tea time .( walid's favourite ) .

Yesterday after ' asr prayer , my family and i went to SSF: Home Deco in Butterworth ,Penang .Seriously this is one of place that can make me became * palpitation* besides shopping Mall .phew.......heaven ..Ya ALLAH , swt , Pray to ALLAH swt ....but this time i manage to snap pictures yehhaaa usually i will *lupa diri * .hahhaha

Everything in SSF , is like  * mampu milik * and woo.ww....i WANT ALL .please...sob sob sob ...:(

Deep Breath nadia .Focus , focus....( just window shopping  ,okay ) 

every step i tooks  in SSF , i need to remind myself : 

* you don't need that nadia , * but this is really beautiful...i can see my future laundry bucket ...woooooo

* who need towel with letter 'K * ??* ...aghh so classy and expensive .
Face towel : ONLY MYR 5.90 

tempting right ...? not yet ? 
hahhahaha took us approximately 20 minutes plus minus traffic to SSF Home Deco ,There are 4 levels , ground floor is all the kitchen ware , toiletries , laundry stuff .etc....

This is our (  my sister and i ) , old-time favourite .....i want .....
really *tough* glass and quite heavy for MYR 198 .( no SALE at the moment , will wait for member price future heheh ) 

 Looks at the *siblings* ......wuarghhh beautiful ,..

 Egg holder , cute but ridiculous price : MYR 49.90 

 with the reasonable and affordable price, you will get the classy , elegant and expensive-look collections .:)
*drooling * 

First level : full with *english * furniture .

second level is full with flowers , garden concept , candles , kids furniture ,you can get beautiful vase . All flowers a bit pricey , but really * cantek * can't describe it with words and picture.Because i just realized the * no-camera allowed * sign haahaahhahhaha lol..my bad :P

third level: we didn't go , it;s more to wedding's craft .

knowing me , can't just left the shop with empty hand .;P furthermore  my heart says .......

I WANT ALLLLLLLL darling .......

 ( ermm curious ?how come this picture is here ? hahaha )

at last i get my egg holder , for ONLY MYR 10 .

Ramekins again i bought 3 set of ramekins but this time with cover .yay ....
price : 2 for MYR 10, 
..Let's Cream Brulee.....yummy .

 with the member price  you will get all this .yehaaaa...
i LOVE SSF !...

p/s miss to go to SSF Penang , more choices .

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