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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Short Story About Rania


Rania will be 4 this year , i realized this is the best experienced and memorable moment  with her , look at her beautifully grow and to be briliant kids like others.AMIN .Most everyday rania will leave me a sweet memory with her *own remarks * & * funny story /jokes *, she will asked *what ?what mommy?what funny ? with her cheeky smile and innocent looks * 

Some story i  shared in my facebook,rania : such a  darling ...even though always irritate me with her *ideolistic * ( yeke ? ) hhhahahahha lol...

Rania now  a BIG choosy when come to  her favourite food :she will says  i love rice and chicken wherever /whenever u ask her . she don;t like spicy food , black pepper still can tolerate i guess.she loves vitagen so much , she can drink 3-4 bottles per day ( baba will bankrupt ) , she only takes oranges , apple , strawberry , other than that is a big NO-NO for her .Rania's blood group is same like her father , which is B+ , hurm ...i didn't do any research yet ( soon perhaps ) but i assumed she will be exactly like her father , such as allergy type of person , no seafood , no belacan .and rania easily can get rashes on her body or even face if sweats , hot  weather .

Plus more she don;t like sweet food , she prefer dark chocolate rather than normal one , and NO -NO to ice cream, maybe at first she will cry for an ice cream but then either mom or baba need to eat it.

Ajf and i never buy junk-food , snacks at home ( only for us ) rania only eat it when she go to our friend's house ,itupun hanya 2,3 keping la.Her favourite snacks time moment usually we bought is pop -corn ( less sugar ) and fried tempe ( i will cut into small pieces and deep fried it ) .and cream crackers biscuit.btw she loves bread and butter also ya like mommy's blog

We have plan not to introduce rania to fast food , but our mistakes i don;t know when it happen , rania loves Mc'dosa' ( mcdonald ; rania version ) ahah amik dosa la ko  but only once in a blue moon ,i think rania excited with the free gift toys happy meal set rather than their selection of food .(",) ...

NOw this isthe time where rania like to copy every steps , listen to every single words we said .If it's good ,ALhamdulillah , but ...i'm afraid as oraang tua always said benda buruk memang cepat ja budak-budak ikut .

Scene in bathroom 
 Rania always have a *problem* when wash her hair  even though use tearless shampoo .She will cry i mean  dramatic cry  macam kena pukul tau , i tried once using her shampoo ,and seriously is really tearless..rania  hmmm such a drama queen...and our bathroom scene always start with crying ,and end up with an apologize from her ...

Rania : sorry mommy ,i'm sorry , sorry mommy ( still crying ) 
mommy : ( bored : same routine everyday ) 
Rania : i;m sorry mommy ..
mommy: sorry !sorry! sorry! , only that you can say?? hush ...

and knowing rania she will not stop saying sorry until i said it's okay , or i hug and kiss her .

**********and this is the continued scene after shower yesterday evening , 

Put on her pyjamas , comb her hair and accidentally hairband rania tersangkut di telinga ouchhh ops i know is hurt ....

Mommy : opss sayang sorry sorry ( kiss her ear )
Rania : owh mommy is hurt ( act like she cry) 
mommy : sorry la syg , mommy tak sengaja ....sorry orait .
Rania : hush sorry ,! sorry ! sorry !errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ( seriously exactly like i always said when i feel irritated ) 
Mommy : ........long pause .(blur) 

hahahhahahahahahhahhahahhaha ...........
well i;m not sure that is a good or bad example .speechless for a while

Owh my ENGLISH ..
rania really need to brush up her malay language , nor that we are proud of her english and neglect her bahasa but ajf and i  strongly believe rania will  learn her bahasa very well when start  mingle around in the school .Furthermore now rania knows such as mata , basah , baju , cucu , roti , lemak , hahahhaha ...and etc ,,latest word is KUAT ...

hahahhaha this is funny scene too ..between mak and her cucu , rania .

*****************************Mengaji scene ******************
Rania is reading her Iqra ,and mak tok asked rania to read it louder .

Mak tok : Kuat lagi , kuat kuat syg ...
Rania : (blur face at first ,then  ) quack quack quack ( sambil tangan buat mcm kepak ) 
Mak tok : la....hahhahha not quack la sayang oi...louder louder ...kuat means louder ..
Rania : owh i know that ! ( muka confident ) 
 mAKTOK and mommy  : (laughing- non stop )
Rania: eh what ?what funny ?

some people  said she has my husband 's face  but my attitude and my *merajuk-ness * ...:P 
i think i will agree on that .:) .

like few days ago scene rania with her aunt(BIBI ina ) 

Rania  with her favourite sounds , *huh * with her masam face merajuk dengan bibi ina masuk bilik i .

mommy :  what 's  wrong rania ( i knew the story already from my sister ina ahahah ) 
Rania :bibi ina ....!!11 huh 
mommy :why ?what bibi ina did ?
Rania : Bibi ina *  tickle * my face .ask me shower ...^&^*i shower already .huh 
           ( translation : bibi ina dok gomol -gomol cium rania ,a nd tanya rania banyak2 kali dah shower shower ke ) hahahhah ha
Mommy : oic ( tahan gelak ) 
Rania : yes .i don't like it ..:( huh...

Rania , rania ...rania

Besides playing with her barbie doll house , and lego , she loves  to cook and baking.she would stop playing all her toys or even stop watching cartoon just because want to help me in the kitchen , hope it will lasts forever .
TGk la even her lego pun, lego cupcakes hahahahaa her choice .

owh my darling princess , im so happy bangun pagi je ...

Rania : mommy , good morning .:) (senyum yang menawan like her father ) let;s hug and kiss together mom .

One thing i noticed about rania she is only 3 and 6 months ,pandai memuji ikhlas ( kids never lie ) , mulut sentiasa la manis ,  you look beautiful mom , nice dress mommy , nice house , every beautiful things , i guess di mata si kecik semua kelihatan cantik , Subhanallah ...yang itu i harus mengaku , puji-pujian ni memang ikut her baba la , :) pandai amik hati orang  owh rania ..........

important things now rania can susun her sentences very well now ALHAMDULILLAH , even kadang-kadang ada longpause , and only mommy can understand her .:) 

I would love to share more rania story but need to stop now , shower time .Hurm pray for me hope no more drama tearless shampoo today .!
yehaa..till then .

p/s rania keep saying she miss playing sand castle .:) baba ,jom ..... 

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