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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seafood : Linda Ikan Bakar

Assalammualaikum , 

Hye pumpkins , 

Truly sorry a bit chaos lately to a *nomad * wife like me , been in KL for 2 weeks and i'm back .AJf will be here until monday so let's Blog-ing whilst ajf taking his *handsome* nap .:P .I can smell hurmmmm yummmy cream puff from mak's kitchen tho , owh can't wait to eat it yay ...is kak ina's turn to make dessert .( sejak bila ntah ada turn-turn pun tak sure ) 

ok then ,i still have a few story to share in sha ALLAh will find one nice day to update about it .For now let's concentrate more about FOOD . 

After we came  back from Padang Besar journey in perlis ( which i will update soon in future ) , we planned to have seafood dinner for the Birthday boy , Mr ajf .We are so lucky that the restaurant is  less than 5 minutes walking distance from our Hotel .don't want to take any risks , we booked and ordered the food 2 hours before,furthermore it is the weekend and i heard LInda Restaurant is the most famous seafood in Kuala perlis , better to be prepared with the crowd .

hahahaha seafood dinner for the Birthday boy who is allergic to seafood ? haha great , but no one can resist the delicious ikan jenahak , sweet creamy crabs , crunchy prawns ...kan kan? so for this time AJF * melanggar * pantang nye .:) Alhamdulillah nothing really bad happened .

okay, i'll stop babbling and let's enjoy the food...pictures of course .

2 jugs of watermelon and fresh orange.

TOmyam for 3 persons , melimpah-limpah udang ....(nasib baik order for 3 person ja )

 hurmmm look at the extremely beautiful and yummy crabs ...:) hurmm drooling .

All together dinner for 6 adults is MYR 210 plus the beverages .(",).Cheap right?
and my rania ? she not a seafood fan like her uncle ..

Satay ayam for rania :) her favourite.

Sesiapa yang ke perlis , i strongly recommended this restaurant LINDA IKAN BAKAR near Kuala Perlis with delicious , fresh seafood with reasonable price .:).. definitely will go again

till then .

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