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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe ,Penang

Assalammualaikum ,

Hye dolls , what 's happening today ?we have *live * talking Tom at home now , yes rania , she started to be  parrot .annoyed ? of course but Ajf thinks is so adorable and cute little things .hurmm....

In 3 more days i will be officially  be a super full-career mom, part time  housewife and part time wife .3 days ..ouch my ...:) can''t wait to start work again after almost 6 months jobless .energy , strength ,emotional physical recharge ! In sha ALLAH .So yesterday , ajf and i went out to town to settle a few things , went to the bank ,waited for 2 hours just to change my ATM card , picked-up my tailor-made *uniform * , and direct off to Penang by Ferry .We're so lucky , not many cars , weekdays kan ? what do  you expect ?

As usual , mommy je excited lebih naik ferry .i don't have chance to get into that big Ferry Since i got back from Saudi. .

We had  late lunch -around 2-3 pm at Hard ROck Cafe Penang . For us , everyday is special day .So ajf insisted to have lunch there  , and slow walk at the beach ,hmmm i'm in love with the smell,the salty sea breeze .So relaxing .

Hungry mommy :p

Appetizer : Nachos ? can't remember the exact menu .But honestly this is really big portion , and delicious than chilli 's nachos.

Grilled Salmon: this is my old-time favourite .yummy look at the mash potato ..

Rania 's meal : Chicken drumstick and Strawberry Milkshake .
*tears* i'm suprised rania such a big girl now !she choose her own meal , her own drink ..:( such a big girl wauarghhhhhh

Ajf"s Cheese BUrger ....owh so perfect medium well and delicious

Rania : H&M tights 
Pink shoes by payless 
White top love from PHuket ( thank you tok Dale

mommy : Denim pants by CK 
Oldblossom pop-out flower blouse by Oldblossom store 
Tudung syria by Radiusite 
accessories by Guess and Forever 21 
Flats from cheap market in Jeddah 

 Rania is so funny , look at her cranky face .she refused to walk on the sand .

Rania : sand is so sticky mom, i don;t like sand 
Mommy : rania u love sand castle, right ?
Rania : i love sand castle .i don't like sand .
mommy : okay sweety .......(hahahhahah) 

 The Hard Rock Hotel In penang 

 There are lots of activities .:) and don't worry all the price is fix by the government .

Thank You AJF sayang for the short -quite - relaxing lunch + evening .we love u baba ...so much 
And we're so happy and grateful .
May ALLAH swt bless you .Amin .

Our happy face .:P 


Hunny Kitty said...

blogwalking.... =)

neverletmego said...

(",) thank you .

babYpose said...

Salam kenal, bestnya dpt holiday kat hrc png, tringin gak nak try :)

neverletmego said...

Salam kenal :) yup you should go darling .so relaxing sebab dkt island kan :)

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