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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fake Lashes? Yay or Nay ?

Assalammualaikum ,

gentle reminder , i'm not an  ANGEL who knows everything , just to share my  thoughts and knowledge i've learned .

Have you ever worn fake lashes ? you already know fake lashes is *haram * but dream to have long and curly eyelashes ? 

Frankly speaking , I've worn fake lashes for 3 times in my life .

1) Before i become Mrs AJF : Photo shoot with Nur Magazine .I  still remembered that funny day , it was a tiring day for unprofessional model like me .I had to stand still for 5 minutes just to get beautiful pose , it took whole day to capture 6 pictures with 6 set of dresses and one thing about the fake lashes , the photographer keep saying to me : eyes , your eyes .eyes wide open . shut , is not me tho , it's  the lashes .stuck on my eyes....blink blink blink like giraffe.

2) My wedding .Okay this is really out of my control ( alasan ) call me naive , stupid , or what so ever . I knew about the eyebrow trimming , and yes i did special request to my Make-up Artist not to trim it .:) But the lashes ? nope , actually is not only once ? 3 times : solemnization , wedding reception for girl and boy 's side..hurm is it consider as 5 times worn lashes ?   My wedding MUA said my lashes is short and so -not -curvy hhahahhaha direct translation your eye lashes is like elephant 's lashes in Sesame street 

okay maybe not short : is long and not curvy ..see..
and My MUA try to change me to  this : 

see the difference ? i told ya...

and the last time i worn eye lashes , only lasts for 15 minutes .ahahaha

3) one fine day in 2010 or 2011 , seriouslyi bought the fake lashes with the glue and keep it for so long until i brought to my working place and tara ,...i worn it after work , konon nye wants to have a nice pleasant dinner with AJF ...until he laughed and says , sayang u totally looks so *heavy* .what ?? yeah me to hahahha i felt so heavy , and i felt so mean to stress up my beautiful eyes .and it so hairy too...

The End .

I've read a lots of article , watching in You -tube about the fake lashes , and now i'm strongly agree and understand.

Wearing a FAKE Lashes is HARAM !

This is  one of article I've read : 

Rasulullah s.a.w. menegaskan: “Allah melaknat wanita yang menyambung rambutnya dan meminta rambutnya disambung.” [Shahih al-Bukhari, no: 5934]

Maksud menyambung rambut ialah mengambil rambut wanita lain untuk disambung ke rambut sendiri. Ia dilarang, sekalipun sekadar hajat atau permintaan untuk melakukannya.

Selari dengan berkembangnya teknologi manusia, pada masa kini teknik menyambung rambut telah diganti dengan teknik memakai rambut palsu. Namun dari sudut hukum, ia tetap sama yakni ia dilarang. Juga berdasarkan kaedah qiyas (analogi), maka dilarang juga memakai bulu palsu sama ada di kening atau kelopak mata. Tidak dibezakan sama ada rambut palsu atau bulu palsu itu adalah daripada makhluk lain atau buatan manusia, ia tetap dilarang.

Namun para ilmuan Islam memberi pengecualian kepada larangan di atas, iaitu bagi mereka yang mengalami kecacatan, penyakit atau kemalangan yang menyebabkan kehilangan rambut, kening atau bulu mata. Bagi kes-kes terpencil ini, dibolehkan memakai rambut palsu serta kening atau bulu mata palsu

Clear? No more fake eye lashes .For all single lady , don;t ruin your big day when your wedding MUA ( Make-up Artist ) says u have short , not curvy lashes, and you will dead if not apply the fake eye lashes .This is the solution : 

This is happened  not long ago at my favourite shopping mall in Jeddah ,we stop by to the Make-up shop arab brand : Mikyajy owh my, i really love to see their promoters ,masyallah too beautiful ermm there are also one or two girls who really look like clown .hurm trying too hard i guess hhhhe.Yes Kingdom now so open-minded there are lots of female promoter and easy pessy for us to shop there .i mean saudi women .:P .. Still remembered my experience in Sephora Jeddah , pity the male promoter keep busy explaining  all about the eye shadow and concealer.I didn;t listen and give attention on him at all and walk away  , all i know is i can;t imagine a tough man ( he looks like body builder-man ) , straight  explain to me about the eye shadow.hahhahaah .
Okay back to the promoter in Mikyajy ,i was attended by one young girl who i adore , masyallah her eye lashes wow....so long, curvy ,black and mmmmmmmm beautiful .her makeup is natural but she gave full attention on her gorgeous eyes.i did asked her whether she worn fake lashes ( i know i'm stupid ) , mostly middle east women have beautiful eyes .I shouldn't ask .shuttt....:P Being a good promoter ( she  speaks english very well than others promoter ), taraaa.... she introduce the new MIkyajy product of Mascara ,effect exactly like wearing fake eye lashes, Mascara brings you length , an0ther adds some curls , gets you volume .Finish it all off with a sweep of waterproof sealant .All together 4 types of MAscara .

This product made from Italy and she really confident (tanpa was-was) is HALAL .
Only the tin (box) is made from ChIna .hahah 

( you really have to be careful if u shop in Saudi , check first made from where ? mostly their product is from China ) 
okay u guys may say ,what? 4 types of mascara ? expensive ? wasting time but seriously ? so much better than tanggung dosa wearing fake eye lashes ,which is  clearly HARAM !
And i know we don't have Mikyajy shop in Malaysia , guess what? you guys can mix any brand and find the solution for your own * future * long curvy volume *eye lashes.superb.
we've  tried the mascara on my sister for her annual dinner November last year , but i couldn't find any close-up pictures ( dinner : they pay attention more to the dress heheh ) .so i 'm really *rajin* to show to you guys .tara ....

my naked eyes : 

this is my usual normal makeup day out , just a eyeliner ,and layer of mascara .

after using Mascara 4 type ,Mikyajy : 

see ? not exactly 100% like fake eye lashes but i'm proud to shout ,yes this is my original eye lashes with little help of miss mascara (",) .and more easier when prayer times ,just remove it ,  take wudu' ,solat and apply back the 4 steps :) DONE.no need to bring glue in your handbag .
No more heavy *things* hanging over my eyes .

*pictures taken using Nikon Coolpix P300 ,no edit .


key_error said...

ahahah i enjoy read ur post, not only beauty, but try to be syar'i kkkk

keep postin, i follow ur blog :D
nice to meet u~

key error

key_error said...

ahahah i enjoy read ur post, not only beauty, but try to be syar'i kkkk

keep postin, i follow ur blog :D
nice to meet u~

key error

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