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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Assalammualaikum ,...

Lately sejak berat makin bertambah , dari  S ke M , the latest to L...hati dan perot tak serik-serik la asyik craving sini , craving sana ........

There we go , to my old -time favourite place ,Swensen's used to be ajf and i punya tempat dating for dessert at Subang jaya , That time rania still in my belly :) .And i'm glad there are swensen's in penang .

Gurney Plaza : 

Si kecik ni la yang paling kecoh nak order semua ...

Oleh Kerana sesi meng-diet hahaha with sister ina , we all just order soup and hotdog for our lunch ( and share together ) 

 Creamy Mushroom Soup ; MYR 12.90 

Classic Frank ; MYR 15.90 
Grilled Chicken sausage , topped with mustard and home-made tomato sauce ,served with coleslaw and fries ...

and dessert yang di tunggu -tnggu ...

sampai terjuling -juling nak nak makan , teringat-ingat kesedapan nya ....

 Walnut Rocky Road : MYR 25.90
phew memnag sedap la ..terangkat babe ..

selain dari makanan yang sedap , permandangan nya pun sngt *enak * ..

Lapar nya , :( .. i 'm in Love ..with Food .wuarghhhhhhhhh....

ni video lama ,2-3 years ago , :) had dessert with AJf :) at Swensen's SJ.

p/s : sayang , kurus u masa ni ...:)

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