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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rania 's First Baking Experience

Assalammualaikum ..

 Alhamdulillah , my dream come true , AMIN Thank you ALLAH swt for the precious gift , Princess , Wan Rania  and double triple happy when rania also LOve to baking and cooking like me ..yay......

Tipu la kalau  cakap tulis this is her first baking experience, rasanya sejak baby lagi rania selalu berada di *dapur * .(",), tapi kali ini ,untuk kali pertama nya rania;s *bake* her craft ...yay berguna juga buku pertama rania yang mommy beli dahulu sebelum rania  di lahirkan .Rania tooks 2 days to complete her first craft ,:) with mommy 's help .

* amaran : this is not makanan , only craft so takpa ye buat di bawah lantai :) 

How to make a Present ?

These are the things you will need : 

A Large mixing Bowl 
300 g of Flour 
150 g Salt 
A wooden Spoon 
A pencil 
A large knife 
safety scissors 
A round pastry cutter 
200ml of water 
a cocktail stick 
1 Tablespoon of cooking oil 
some stiff coloured card 
some thin ribbon 
paint and paintbrushes 
a Rolling thin 

Making the dough : 
-Put the flour and salt into the mixing bowl , and stir .
-Pour in the water a little at a time .
-Add the oil 
- Keep stirring the sticky mixture .

Kneading the  dough :
- Knead the mixture to make a smooth dough .
- Spread some flour over the worktop .
-Then roll out the dough until it is about 5mm thick .

Cutting the dough 
-Cut out  a circle of dough .
-Cut out the desires shapes : rania choose castle and shoe 's mould .

Sticking the shape together :
- Sprinkle some water over the dough circle .
- Gently press the dough (your desires shape ) onto the circle .

Drying your present
Leave your present to dry for 2-3 days ..

OR ask your mommy to bake it at 120'c for 8 hours .

( mommy only bake it for 4 hours oNLY ) 

Painting your present :
-When it is dry ,paint your present with white paint ,Leave it to dry .
-Next ,paint background and the dinosour in bright colours .

Finishing your present 
- when the paint is dry brush on two coats of PVA Glue .
-This will stop the paint coming off your present .
-leave it to dry ..

Rania 's first *baked* craft ....

* enjoy ....:)

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