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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Online Boutique : Part 3

Assalammualaikum ,

Hye sayang sayang ku , just got back from Medical Centre , after 3 hours settled  my medical check up .phew .....headache but still manageable i guess.Du'a for me ye ...

Remember my last entry on 25th Dec , i'm away for a short while to Kuala Lumpur to settle something and of course spending quality time with AJF and being a loyal wife , cooking  cleaning and ironing , my sister decided to spent her end of the year holidays with us in KL , and we  have so much fun *spending * money hahahahh together in KL :non stop.

26th dec , started our our journey at Shah Alam Section 7 , hahhahahahathis is one of my favourite place and the best part is this time i went to sect 7 with my shopping partner.The night before we all dah lists down all the famous and important online boutique yang nak di lawati ...ewah...ewah ....:p

So   our first  boutique : Radiusite , So proud of the owner , young beautiful lady she already have 3 shops , ermmm marvelous kan and all exclusive seling *hijab * except one of her boutique is more to garment .

Pic courtesy : My instagram .
hhhahaha this is really controversy pictures , because of this pictures , a lots of friends and relative congrates me for the good news hahahhaha .definitely will not wore this *baju* : NO more hahahah 

Last time , masa radiusite belum famous all the tudung 's price is still reasonable but then , now hurm some design and material is like ...$%&( its all depends to individual, either u pay for the good material or for the BRAND itself .
Tapi gitu-gitu pun setengah kain sangat berbaloi :) tapi memang kena terjah cepat la butik radiusite once new design keluar ,kalau tidak memang gigit jari la , laku macam goreng panas.

Then directly we went to SUGARSCARF......:) 

*palpitation* started here :P hhahaha , this is normal for yours truly ....
Semua designs and harga di Sugarscarf sangat berpatutan especially the half moon scarf yang tgh hangat tu ....murah je disini :) love their paisley shawl definitely will come again to visit them .

(one more *controversy picture*) 

Then , we walk to Dreemika boutique by IKARadiusite 

tak sempat nak snap pictures inside , tambah-tambahan time i datang they're busy shooting the models pictures.I love the deco so much , very cosy and all the *baju * looks so ....hmmmmmmmyummy.....,despites , we stick to our plan , only focus on Tudung :) Alhamdulillah .

Our last boutique is OBB ,Old Blossom BOx Boutique in section 7 .
Last time i visit their boutique in sect 13 , and the proud owner, jesmine already spread the wings by opened the new girls in hijab OBB in SEc 7 .

and i'm so lucky , i got chance to met Jesmine again and the best part is she remembered me...:) might be because of my cheecky and active rania .

 ~hasil laburan ....:)

hurm..1/2  day still not enough for us ,there are still a lots of online boutique that we didn't visit ,next time perhaps .

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