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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year Resolution 2013

Assalammualaikum , 

hye darling blogger friends , YA ALLAH sungguh serius rindu yang teramat pada NEVERLETMEGO , pejam celik pejam celik dah 15th January ,and it also means almost 20days ++ i'm away from my humble blog  i think is not to late to wish all of you , HAPPY NEW Year guys :) ..so what is your new resolution for 2013 ?mine ?phew long lists plus minus there are still old resolution been carry forward this year ...hahahhaha ALHamdulillah what important is i'm with my hubby , daughter and family this year and in sha ALLAH , MAy ALLAH swt bless us .

I have a few stories to update but let's focus on rania 's story ....

First after a year+++ ,we brought rania to Islamic Art Museum Malaysia (IAMM )  , it used to be rania's favourite place last time but after mommy fly to saudi , and rania stay with my parents ,she didnt get chance to have fun at IAMM .So there we go , rania so happy sangat sampai excited la tambah tambahan now rania dah grow up so on 29th december ,...project for today is Back To School , this is held on saturday at 3 pm , at Children's Library ,IAMM  for FREE ........

 Rania enjoy reading and playing puzzle here while waiting  the ctivity to start,...:) 

Story telling time , terkejut sgt time ni rania so super excited and super active answer all questions even salah hehhee :)

her project with mommy's help..proud of u rania ..:)

then a week after that in 2013 ...we went to IAMM again , and the activity is NEW YEAR 2013 Resolution ..:) 

Rania is so concentrate listen to teacher's story ...:)

 Rania busy decorating her project : rania's resolution ....i want to keep my toys in my room ...:P

I'm glad rania enjoy her time with new friends and activities, 
For those parents , anda di galakkan sangat bawa anak-anak ke IAMM,lots of activities ,nice calm and quiet library full of interesting books and u can even visit their museum shops u can find a lots of  story book islamic in english and malay .

till then , try to get full energy to update my activities last 2 weeks.

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