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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Assalammualaikum ,,,

Apparently now my mak officially have her 3 days cook -off ,friday to sunday .Give her some break , will you nadia ? she been a non-stop housewife like forever now .:) we're having Spaghetti bolognaise with instant meat ball for lunch today , chef Ina in the house .While waiting for everybody  to get ready for lunch . let's flashback our *shopping spree* moment at KLCC.

Usually kalau ke KLCC , i always either jalan sorang ( time keje dulu ) or hang out with my friends ,as MR Ajf dia kureng sikit ke sana , so that friday ( 28 th dec ) , ajf *drop us off * at KLCC before friday prayers .Our main point to go KLCC selain dari ARZU is to LOVISA. I've heard about Lovisa  1 month ago rasanya from my friend's Instagram , envy her new brooch collections:) marvelous ..and their's beautiful + cute + tiny paper bag .

Frankly speaking , i'm not really sure since when my interest into accessories , now im crazy about it , kadang-kadang rasa macam tak lengkap without it . See tengok apa yang *dunia * media lakukan pada kita .hehhaahahahhah so our ( my sister and i + rania ) , first visit to LOVISA memang berbaloi , as they are having stock clearance SALE is everywhere ....Oleh kerana mengalami palpitation yang melampau i 'm not able to snap the picture :P....

Pictures taken from google : 

Lovisa at Suria KLCC , Level 1 

 as you can see memang senang la nak membeli-belah di sini , they arranged all *candies* according color code :) ....kalau quick shopper need an accessories just pegi color theme you all and grab it :)
Kalau compared to other accessories shop , LOvisa maybe a bit pricey tapi kalau pandai cari and pegi time SALE , it can be so much cheaper ....:) .and i'm having  a hard +tough time also nak pilih , semua like.....i want this ,i want this , * owh i don't have this color * , owh ajf would love me wearing this * ....hahahaah

but , being a good and discipline shopper , :) i need to be firm ( drooling * )...so only get 2 necklaces , one over-sized ring and ...
 6 pair earings ( love the earings : ONLY MYR 16 )..., ......see i told u murah kan kalau SALE .
Looking for the brooch collections but out of stocks ,:( .

Ajf and i memang particular about *shopping* ni especially masa SALE sngat menguntungkan , bukan kedekut ke apa, why pay more if u can get it in lowered price ? right ? people might be  said ala not up to-date la , ketinggalan zaman ke , but i don't care.janji i comfortable , satisfaction and important part is  ..
i'm Happy .Alhamdulillah .

p/s : friday lepas pegi Queensbay ,penang .Forever 21 *too* ada SALE .Their accessories all item must-have at home :P .  *palpitation * all the way in the Forever 21 .
Tapi dua-dua orang kesayangan i ni tak boleh lawan la .....sampai ternganga mulut tgk the arm candy .:) borong borong jangann takk borong :) 

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