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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Pregnant

( tajuk entry kasi gempak semua orang :P ) ..amin 


I just noticed a while ago , my blog now full with food , food and food hahhaahahahhaha .
and that remind me about my previous post entry : healthy way to gain weight .Honestly this is really creepy !! i did follow all my dietitian's advice ( back in saudi ) and the results ????

people start to ask : * are you pregnant,nadia * 

lol, shucks , i want to be healthy , fit , not so thin  -not so *full of fat * but pregnant ,people start to jump to conclusion when they saw my tummy ??hahhahhah cute
Hurmmmmmm..:( how i wish i can say yes .*.i'm pregnant*8 and i'm dreaming : i can tell rania ,she will have her brother /sister soon *....but is not , not yet ,ajf and i ready in sha ALLAH for new member but  ALLAH knows best .:) takpa i trust , pertanyaan atau percakapan seseorang kan DU'a , hope doa termakbul , i can say .....*yes , i'm pregnant * amin ...in sha ALLAH .

Getting a bit frustrated when everybody started to wish congratulation for the * pregnancy * & i had to say no ,i'm not pregnant : this is ( showing my jelly -belly fat ) my extra tummy from the food i ate !!!wuarghhhh..It has been really frustrating ..................:(  
and please don't jump to conclusion , i don't mind if i gain +++ extra ++ weight with *future * (in sha ALLAH ) in my belly .

Think Positive , at last i get what i want , my Dream ideal weight and even i have extra *flat tyres * still maintain my BMI ...Body Mass Index .:) is just nice , not overweight and not underweight .

need to do work out , to *cut * of the *flat tyres * ...agak-agak Honda or Isuzu nak tak the flat tyres ...:P lol ...

For those  need to gain weight , frankly speaking i can be the testimonial it;s really work , i mean my dietitian 's ways...it's easy pesssyyyy...no $$$ loss .:) 

Now i'm a happy individual normal girl with ideal weight plus extra flat tyres .......

Moral of story : appreciate your beautiful body , Praised to  ALLAH swt .AMIN ...kurus ke tak kurus ke janji sihat , manusia tidak akan pernah puas hati : bila dah kurus nak gemuk , bila dah gemuk nak kurus ...never stop  never and .....orang sekeliling kita pula ...

Bila kurus : * eh u so thin.....makan la sikit * 

Bila dah gemuk ( berisi ) :  eh gemoooookkkk deebab nya , diet la ....* 

hahahahhahhahhahah i know it happen , sebab i ada pengalaman about this .lol.

till then ....

from healthy way to gain weight .....to a healthy way to *be fit * .

and mudah-mudahan tercapai impian yang lama di simpan ini amin.....

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