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Thursday, January 17, 2013

H&M in Malaysia

Assalammualaikum , 

*continue with our 3 days non-stop shopping spree :P 

so after spending time and money at Shah Alam Sect 7 , we drove to One Utama , nothing much just a Little crazy all around the One Utama because it's Year End Sale you guys,besides clothes and other accessories , my sister and i more interested with AINO LIVING shop at the old wings One Utama  near Isetan ,phew heaven tau , love the baking set , colorful saucepan , and all with reasonable and affordable prices :) 

very *the sesuai* for my kitchen :) blink*blink*blink....i like ...:) 

Okay berbalik pada tajuk entry kali ini , H&M ....
Called me lembap, out of date or whatever u wanna called, baru ada masa nak cerita2 sikit about H&M .Dahulu kala masa berada di SAUDI , semua shopping mall i pegi ,kawan-kawan & i suke sangat menjengah ke H&M , kenapa ?mengapa ? sebab H&M Jeddah selalu ada SALE, sale yang gile-gile sampai tahap tolak trolley groceries dlm H&M jeddah , sampai tahap bergaduh tarik baju dgn saudi women yang lain ..(that's me ) heheh ye la blouse lace yang cantek SR10 ...(equivalent to Rm 8 ) sape nak bagi kan ? biar la size besar sikit pun :P ...well sape suruh minah arab tu letak baju tu balik , bila tgk i pegang terus kata " i saw that blouse first " ahhaahhh gila tahap dengki , takmo beli bila org pegang terus nak balik.....

Pendek kata kalau nak beli winter garment mmg bagus la beli kat H&M, macam rania's gloves , mommy's jacket , rania;s jacket and boots i belii di H&M Jeddah masa winter SALE..mmg sgt murah .
Dipendekkan cerita we never have a problem sebab most of all shopping mall di Jeddah ada H&M , and SALE is everywhere, kalau i nak cari blazer  , cardigan , blouse and cotton shawl , satin scarf , H&M jeddah mmg tempat untuk di  serbu  .selain itu , theirs clutch collections pun drooling okay plus their's button , accecories ..walla memang cantik and affordable .

Like Rania, ramai tanya mana i dapat baju yang comel-comel for her mostly i bought at H&M jeddah time SALE, can u imagine , harga H&M mmg dh murah tapi kalau tgh SALE boleh bayangkan tak harga nye jatuh ........:) 

Bila sept 2012 i balik malaysia , extra syiok.. bila dgr H&M akan sampai di MALAYSIA ,LOT 10 .okay i rasa seronok sgt la sebab i can continue buying H&M products here in Malaysia , tapi tak sngka la sampai kena beratur nak masuk..and can't imagine if H&M buat SALE , bayangkan berapa ribu org sanggup beratur nak masuk H&M .suddenly terus rsa rindu nak shopping kat Jeddah , suke pegi Mall of ARabia , H&M kat sana kurang orang :) many sizes...

as far as i know now H&M dah ada 3 shops in KL, and selangor , at LOt 10, Setia Mall ( betul ke ?) and one more at Paradigm mall..First ttime i pegi di LOT 10 , with my friend, YUYU , masa tu i g dah tak ramai org no need to beratur la , just bought 2 blouse , lace turqoise blouse and lace batwing blouse .:) tak sempat nak menjenguk area budak-budak furthermore tak de plan nak shopping that day , just chit chat with yuyu..

memandangkan ajf tak suke area Lot 10 ( even we all stay in KL ) , ajf and i brought my sister to H&M at Paradigm Mall .NOt as big as H&M Lot 10 but looks bigger with less crowd.:) and no need long que at cashier :) itu yang penting .Geram baju bebudak :) cheap , quality and same time affordable .:) i like...

 Tops: Peplum by Jusco
Pants : denim jeans by Calvin Klein 
HIjab : paisley by sugarscarf .
Bag: favourite chilli by Nine west 

we just spend 1/2 day in Paradigm mall,nothing interesting there( maybe because ajf and i susah nak terima tempat baru : lame ) so we shoot upp terus ke MID Valley ...
wuargh........SALE is everywhere sampai kan AJF ckp lepas ni syg puasa ye hahhaa a:)

Love u too bits baby ...


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