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Friday, January 18, 2013

Fish & CO Restaurant

Assalammualaikum ..

it's already 5 pm in the evening , my tummy started to mumbling singing all kinds of song , today friday is a *kitchen closed day * so we will go out for dinner tonight .So while waiting for rania 's bibi ina come back from work let's turn back time and looked what i had  for  lunch last sunday :) 

Walid & Mak came to KL last saturday ( 12th january  ) , walid have an appointment with Ophtalmologist on monday and i'm glad they already fix date for walid's operation .In sha ALLAH will update about that soon .Du'a for walid :)  ...so back to the *lunch story * . We had lunch at Fish & Co at One Utama , this is my favourite place sebelum berkahwin , sebelum menjadi MRs Ajf lagi , kalau pegi One Utama , if tak ke Chilis, Fish & Co la menjadi tempat pilihan .

selalu pegi tapi memang tak ingat tingkat mana , but i'm sure it is  in new wings one utama ,dekat dgn Seoul Garden Restaurant .

Harga nye memang murah berbanding The Fish Manhattan .and paling best nya hidangan nye dalam *periuk* hehe, teringat zaman bujang dulu, g makan with my cousin and arwah bibi ( my aunt) , hehehhe 
bibi cakap nadia nanti dah kahwin jangan hidang makanan dalam periuk kat suami ya ..."

 Walid 's choice: i tak ingat la pulak ape nama menu ni but this salmon , u can choose 2 sidelines .:)

 Mussels in Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce,this is our favourite ...:) must-order everytime dtg .

 New York Fish & Chips ,this is kakak punya pilihan .

African Fish and Chips :)

sangat berbaloi la makan disini. memang kenyang sampai la ke malam hari.hahah 

( kak ina,oman and AJF not around :( )
Thank you to kakak for the treats and Miss Driver ...

Our driver for today : Miss elephant 

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