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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't Scream and Shout !


For some parents ,dealing with a toddler who throws tantrums is a HUGE Challenge.
Top Picks, Top 10 tips i get from New Straits Times on Tuesday 22nd January ,Page 7 .

Let's Browses for some easy Suggestions .

1 )  Be aware of Stress :
- Tantrums normally grow out of a toddler's frustration with a new situation or a challenge .So , be aware of developements that can cause stress to the child such as starting nursery or Potty-training .respect his feelings , and show and tell him that you understand what he is going through .:) 

2) Clear Routine : 
- Have a routine to your child 's day.Irregular time for meals ,nap ,play or bath will confuse or irritate him.Try to give him some control or choice on what to eat or play .

3 ) Fun Tim
- Provide opportunities  for your child to let off steam everyday - let him play at the playground or read a story to him .

4)Toddler -Proof home 
- Keep away breakable and dangerous things .This is to prevent him from physically hurting himself or causing damage .

5) Toys Books or food 
- Bring a long your child 's favourite toy,snack or book whenn going to the park ,supermarket or other public places .Use these as diversions when he shows his temper .

6) Calm the child 
- Sometimes you have to weather the storm until your child calms down .Make eye contact ,speak nicely and hug him gently.If the tirade happens in an enclosed  area, it is sometimes best to calm your child outside the reduce stress -his as well as yours .

- Briefly ignoring tantrums may work .Step into another room or carry on doing what you are doing .Say something like * time to stop now - i'll count to 10 , then give plenty of praise and cuddles if the tantrum stops 

8) Use humour 
- Use laughter to defuse tricky situations .Singing silly songs or tickling your child at the right time can help change his mood .

9) Be positive 
- Practise positive parenting .Avoid harsh discipline ,constantly saying * no * , shouting or punishing your child can only make tantrums worse.

10) calm yourself 
- Most importantly , calm yourself .Getting angry and shouting back is likely to trigger another tantrums and prolong the outburst .

Definitely a good tips for us as well ...:)

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