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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rania 's First Baking Experience

Assalammualaikum ..

 Alhamdulillah , my dream come true , AMIN Thank you ALLAH swt for the precious gift , Princess , Wan Rania  and double triple happy when rania also LOve to baking and cooking like me ..yay......

Tipu la kalau  cakap tulis this is her first baking experience, rasanya sejak baby lagi rania selalu berada di *dapur * .(",), tapi kali ini ,untuk kali pertama nya rania;s *bake* her craft ...yay berguna juga buku pertama rania yang mommy beli dahulu sebelum rania  di lahirkan .Rania tooks 2 days to complete her first craft ,:) with mommy 's help .

* amaran : this is not makanan , only craft so takpa ye buat di bawah lantai :) 

How to make a Present ?

These are the things you will need : 

A Large mixing Bowl 
300 g of Flour 
150 g Salt 
A wooden Spoon 
A pencil 
A large knife 
safety scissors 
A round pastry cutter 
200ml of water 
a cocktail stick 
1 Tablespoon of cooking oil 
some stiff coloured card 
some thin ribbon 
paint and paintbrushes 
a Rolling thin 

Making the dough : 
-Put the flour and salt into the mixing bowl , and stir .
-Pour in the water a little at a time .
-Add the oil 
- Keep stirring the sticky mixture .

Kneading the  dough :
- Knead the mixture to make a smooth dough .
- Spread some flour over the worktop .
-Then roll out the dough until it is about 5mm thick .

Cutting the dough 
-Cut out  a circle of dough .
-Cut out the desires shapes : rania choose castle and shoe 's mould .

Sticking the shape together :
- Sprinkle some water over the dough circle .
- Gently press the dough (your desires shape ) onto the circle .

Drying your present
Leave your present to dry for 2-3 days ..

OR ask your mommy to bake it at 120'c for 8 hours .

( mommy only bake it for 4 hours oNLY ) 

Painting your present :
-When it is dry ,paint your present with white paint ,Leave it to dry .
-Next ,paint background and the dinosour in bright colours .

Finishing your present 
- when the paint is dry brush on two coats of PVA Glue .
-This will stop the paint coming off your present .
-leave it to dry ..

Rania 's first *baked* craft ....

* enjoy ....:)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Assalammualaikum ,...

Lately sejak berat makin bertambah , dari  S ke M , the latest to L...hati dan perot tak serik-serik la asyik craving sini , craving sana ........

There we go , to my old -time favourite place ,Swensen's used to be ajf and i punya tempat dating for dessert at Subang jaya , That time rania still in my belly :) .And i'm glad there are swensen's in penang .

Gurney Plaza : 

Si kecik ni la yang paling kecoh nak order semua ...

Oleh Kerana sesi meng-diet hahaha with sister ina , we all just order soup and hotdog for our lunch ( and share together ) 

 Creamy Mushroom Soup ; MYR 12.90 

Classic Frank ; MYR 15.90 
Grilled Chicken sausage , topped with mustard and home-made tomato sauce ,served with coleslaw and fries ...

and dessert yang di tunggu -tnggu ...

sampai terjuling -juling nak nak makan , teringat-ingat kesedapan nya ....

 Walnut Rocky Road : MYR 25.90
phew memnag sedap la ..terangkat babe ..

selain dari makanan yang sedap , permandangan nya pun sngt *enak * ..

Lapar nya , :( .. i 'm in Love ..with Food .wuarghhhhhhhhh....

ni video lama ,2-3 years ago , :) had dessert with AJf :) at Swensen's SJ.

p/s : sayang , kurus u masa ni ...:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't Scream and Shout !


For some parents ,dealing with a toddler who throws tantrums is a HUGE Challenge.
Top Picks, Top 10 tips i get from New Straits Times on Tuesday 22nd January ,Page 7 .

Let's Browses for some easy Suggestions .

1 )  Be aware of Stress :
- Tantrums normally grow out of a toddler's frustration with a new situation or a challenge .So , be aware of developements that can cause stress to the child such as starting nursery or Potty-training .respect his feelings , and show and tell him that you understand what he is going through .:) 

2) Clear Routine : 
- Have a routine to your child 's day.Irregular time for meals ,nap ,play or bath will confuse or irritate him.Try to give him some control or choice on what to eat or play .

3 ) Fun Tim
- Provide opportunities  for your child to let off steam everyday - let him play at the playground or read a story to him .

4)Toddler -Proof home 
- Keep away breakable and dangerous things .This is to prevent him from physically hurting himself or causing damage .

5) Toys Books or food 
- Bring a long your child 's favourite toy,snack or book whenn going to the park ,supermarket or other public places .Use these as diversions when he shows his temper .

6) Calm the child 
- Sometimes you have to weather the storm until your child calms down .Make eye contact ,speak nicely and hug him gently.If the tirade happens in an enclosed  area, it is sometimes best to calm your child outside the reduce stress -his as well as yours .

- Briefly ignoring tantrums may work .Step into another room or carry on doing what you are doing .Say something like * time to stop now - i'll count to 10 , then give plenty of praise and cuddles if the tantrum stops 

8) Use humour 
- Use laughter to defuse tricky situations .Singing silly songs or tickling your child at the right time can help change his mood .

9) Be positive 
- Practise positive parenting .Avoid harsh discipline ,constantly saying * no * , shouting or punishing your child can only make tantrums worse.

10) calm yourself 
- Most importantly , calm yourself .Getting angry and shouting back is likely to trigger another tantrums and prolong the outburst .

Definitely a good tips for us as well ...:)

I'm Pregnant

( tajuk entry kasi gempak semua orang :P ) ..amin 


I just noticed a while ago , my blog now full with food , food and food hahhaahahahhaha .
and that remind me about my previous post entry : healthy way to gain weight .Honestly this is really creepy !! i did follow all my dietitian's advice ( back in saudi ) and the results ????

people start to ask : * are you pregnant,nadia * 

lol, shucks , i want to be healthy , fit , not so thin  -not so *full of fat * but pregnant ,people start to jump to conclusion when they saw my tummy ??hahhahhah cute
Hurmmmmmm..:( how i wish i can say yes .*.i'm pregnant*8 and i'm dreaming : i can tell rania ,she will have her brother /sister soon *....but is not , not yet ,ajf and i ready in sha ALLAH for new member but  ALLAH knows best .:) takpa i trust , pertanyaan atau percakapan seseorang kan DU'a , hope doa termakbul , i can say .....*yes , i'm pregnant * amin ...in sha ALLAH .

Getting a bit frustrated when everybody started to wish congratulation for the * pregnancy * & i had to say no ,i'm not pregnant : this is ( showing my jelly -belly fat ) my extra tummy from the food i ate !!!wuarghhhh..It has been really frustrating ..................:(  
and please don't jump to conclusion , i don't mind if i gain +++ extra ++ weight with *future * (in sha ALLAH ) in my belly .

Think Positive , at last i get what i want , my Dream ideal weight and even i have extra *flat tyres * still maintain my BMI ...Body Mass Index .:) is just nice , not overweight and not underweight .

need to do work out , to *cut * of the *flat tyres * ...agak-agak Honda or Isuzu nak tak the flat tyres ...:P lol ...

For those  need to gain weight , frankly speaking i can be the testimonial it;s really work , i mean my dietitian 's ways...it's easy pesssyyyy...no $$$ loss .:) 

Now i'm a happy individual normal girl with ideal weight plus extra flat tyres .......

Moral of story : appreciate your beautiful body , Praised to  ALLAH swt .AMIN ...kurus ke tak kurus ke janji sihat , manusia tidak akan pernah puas hati : bila dah kurus nak gemuk , bila dah gemuk nak kurus ...never stop  never and .....orang sekeliling kita pula ...

Bila kurus : * eh u so thin.....makan la sikit * 

Bila dah gemuk ( berisi ) :  eh gemoooookkkk deebab nya , diet la ....* 

hahahahhahhahhahah i know it happen , sebab i ada pengalaman about this .lol.

till then ....

from healthy way to gain weight .....to a healthy way to *be fit * .

and mudah-mudahan tercapai impian yang lama di simpan ini amin.....

Monday, January 28, 2013

Oreo Cheese Cake

what a lovely sunday  evening , spending quality time with your family (",) isn't ? and more great tomorrow is still holiday , yay , no more monday blues for ajf , continue with his pre-birthday celebration : today my sister /my best friend and i decided to make no-bake oreo cheese cake using HALAL gelatin of course.

Assalammualaikum ,........

As usual , sis Ina choose recipes from AZlita ,Masam Manis blog , melihat cake and all dessert memang sangat tempting ,dan sangat cantek melampau ..you guys can follow her blogs for other great , superb recipes .and *kek Keju Oreo * willl be our dessert today ..:).Currently my no-bake cake is in the fridge ,almost 4 hours now , as in kak ita 's advice we have to keep in the fridge for 4 hours or semalaman ...hurm i don't think  everybody in the house can wait that long ...especially the birthday -boy :) sampai tgh tido pun still can ask where is my cheese cake ..hahahahhah love u to bits sayang , u;re so lucky tho  ,lunch mak dah spoilt u with all your favourite food , tea time with your cheese cake , don;t blame me if you put on weight okay :???

There we go : the ingredients to make oreo cheese cake 

for the base , i didn't follow kak ita 's recipes ,yang menggunakan kek span , sis ina and i just used the normal cheese base oreo biscuit and butter .As usual we have to melt the butter .Hancurkan biscuit oreo,terlebih dahulu jangan lupa buang krim biscuit oreo tu ye , dan gaulkan kedua nya , masukkan dalam spring foam pan  8 inch .Then ,biarkan di dalam fridge .

Ingredients for cream cheese : 

1 paket biskut oreo
250g krim keju ~ pada suhu bilik( philidepia cheese should be okay)
80g gula kastor
100g coklat masakan putih ~ dicairkan
250g krim putar( whiping cream )
50g air
15g halal gelatin
1 sudu teh asen vanilla

Larutkan gelatin dalam 50g air dan biarkan kembang
Kemudian panaskan gelatin secara double boiler hingga gelatin melarut dan ketepikan
Cairkan coklat masakan putih secara double boiler juga dan ketepikan

Pukul krim keju dan gula kastor hingga lembut dan berkrim.
Pastikan krim keju pada suhu bilik. 
Tuangkan coklat putih ke dalam adunan krim keju
Tuangkan pula gelatin dan kacau hingga sebati
Tambahkan sedikit asen vanilla dan kacau adunan sempurna

Dalam bekas lain, pukul krim putar (non dairy whipping krim) hingga gebu dan kental.
Masukkan 1/3 krim putar ke dalam adunan keju tadi
Kaup balik adunan hingga rata
Tuangkan baki krim putar yang selebihnya dan kaup balik hingga bergaul sempurna
Masukan adunan kedalam piping beg

Keluarkan biscuit base yang disejukkan dari peti sejuk

Kemudian kita paipkan satu lapisan krim keju di atas lapisan kek coklat
Susunkan kepingan biskut oreo di atasnya.

Tuangkan selapis lagi krim keju
Dan lapiskan sekali lagi dengan biskut oreo.

Tuang lapisan terakhir dengan baki krim keju
ratakan permukaannya
Simpan dalam peti sejuk semalaman atau paling kurang 4 jam
Keluarkan kek dari loyang
Kemaskan tepinya ~ boleh gunakan spatula besi, celup dalam air panas lap kering dan ratakan pada tepi kek supaya permukaannya licin.
Hias kek mengikut kreativiti anda
adn taraaa.................................
not so pretty like kak ita punya yg pasti important nya AJF cakap sedap...yehaa...yes we did it sis ina :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Macaroon with nutella

Assalammualaikum , 

*owh Paris ..when i dream of you  , i will  bake macaroons..* 
okay i know tak kena langsung rhythm , hahahhah

Remember this post entry :Macaroon First Batch ?  i made it last year in saudi , confirm memang buruk , it's  U-G-L-Y macaroons i ever see :) ,but not a reason for me to stop me from baking it :) Api membara untuk mencuba -cuba dan terus cuba .

ajf's birthday is coming soon ,he done a long list request to eat ,budget wife dia terror masak :P ,carrot cake , pavlova, molten lava cake , quiches and bla ,bla bla, seriously is really long lists:) so yesterday ,my sister and i went out to get all stocks -baking ingredients :) and guess what ? at last we found the cheap and simple-white ramekins for only MYR 3.80 huu yay , lama mencari , i heard Daiso Japan also have it  for MYR  5 each  ,but already out of stock .

*purple * blue * green * 
color of our macaroons :) 
yay ..i don't have a specific recipes , like before i used macaroons 's recipe from youtube and for this time i took recipes from my new - favourite chef , Kak azlita , from Blog Masam Manis ....


80g putih telur - suhu bilik anggaran 2 biji jika gred A
65g gula castor

80g serbuk almond ( yang ini i beli serbuk almond yang instant 450 gm dalam MYR 14.)
140g gula icing

As dalam recipe kak ita ni ,adunan nya sedikit hanya oleh bahagi kepada 2 warna sahaja .

cara-cara :

Sediakan dulang pembakar. Alas dulang pembakar dgn kertas minyak. Ambil duit syiling 20 sen dan lukis atas kertas minyak dan jarakkan setiap satu  sebanyak 3 cm. Terbalikkan keretas dan letak atas tray atau dulang pembakar. Ketepikan. 

Ayak serbuk almond dan gula icing, ketepikan.

  pukul adunan telur dan gula ini dgn kelajuan maksima hingga menjadi pekat dan bertanduk.

( see adunan telur + gula castor bertanduk , berekor , :p ) 

Masukkan sedikit2 gula ising dan almond yg telah diayak tadi kedalam adunan telur+gula castor.. Kacau rata menggunakan spatula aje. Ingat ye! adunan ni lebih pekat dari adunan kita buat kek.


 bahagikan aduna kepada 2 bahagian. Letak pewarna dan ratakan.

Masukkan adunan dlm beg plastik atau piping bag, kemudian picitkan atas bulatan yg telah kita buat atas kertas minyak tadi. siapkan sampai habis.

Rehatkan macaroons lebih kurang 30 - 45 mint. hingga macaroon kering ( kering means , bile macaroon di tekan tak melekat di jari kita ) 

panaskan oven   140C mengikut kepanasan oven

Bakar selama 15 - 20 minit.

setelah masak, letakkan macaroons bersama kertas minyak atas rack dan biarkan ia sejuk. kemudian bolehlah buat ganache pulak!

Oleh kerana now my sister and i tengah process belajar so , just concentrate to french macaroon :meringue je , the ganache we all hanya gunakan nutella 

Hurm , process membuat ni memang la senang , tapi keburukan nye selepas membakar amat la tidak puas hati , see the pictures below : 

 see buruk kan ? hehhe , ajf kata heheh rasa dah ada , nutella sedap ---> comel la tapi kena banyak improvement .:P banyak sangat .....hheheh ajf kata ni bukan macaroons , tapi *macarins * 

what ever it's, is not end of the world ,will try again in the future .Yay..

Umai Cafe ,Putrajaya

Assalammualaikum ,

I'm really sure semua warga Putrajaya heard and familiar about Umai D'Lake Cafe at Putrajaya (",),My cousin ,Sis fauziah brought us to Umai D' Lake cafe , at Monumen Alaf Baru , for tea time + early dinner .:) last wednesday ( 23rd January 2013 ) 

SO my first experience datang sini sangat menarik :) ....bagi orang asal kedah memang akan menjadi tempat favourite as i know from kak fauziah , this cafe owned by Kedahan so  all their food is makanan kedah ..yay......i like ..:) 


 This is my all-time- favourite ,cucur kodok pisang heeehehe why kodok ?tak tahu la this is what orang kedah panggil :) . memang sedap  , rasa pisang banyak tidak macam sesetengah tempat yang rasa tepung ja banyak .

Ini pek -nga , atau nama lain orang kedah panggil adalah roti nyior , lempeng kelapa ....Terfikir juga kenapa pek-nga , mak cakap berkemungkinan sebab tempek ( pek ) dekat belanga (nga ) ...:P 
So kalau di kedah glamour nye di makan dengan gula , or gulai ayam ...tapi Umai Cafe , serve it very well with rendang ayam , sambal ikan bilis , kuah gulai ,and sugar too..:) it's a complete dishes.Love it..


Then , they also have Mee rebus memang mengancam sedap nya , pekat ,....:)

Other than that ,Umai cafe juga ada banyak menu lain . normal as other restaurants sebab tu i tak ambil gambar .dengan suasana yang sangat tenang , sejuk , di tepi tasik :) What can i suggest is their marvelous chicken soup, char koey teow , nasi goreng daging merah ...yummy..yummy and the IMPORTANT is the reasonable price .:) i like , definitely will visit the cafe again in future as my kakak pun dh menjadi penghuni Putrajaya :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Juru Bawal Goreng

Assalammualaikum , 

Flying without wings , Alhamdulillah safely arrived - Kedah last night  ,praised to ALLAH swt.After this lagi banyak la orang pening , kerap nye ke kulim  kejap di KL , frankly speaking it's very tiring but kulim -KL- kulim back to back will be our routine in future in sha ALLAH .(",) .

Lazy saturday, walid suggest to have JURU Bawal Goreng for our lunch today : Mak's  kitchen closed today :) .This is my second time had their famous bawal goreng , yang sangat fresh wooosshhhhhh really puas hati la dengan ikan bawal goreng yang ranggup, fresh , deep fried , besar gemook gemok ikan bawal nya .Kalau ke sana memang selalu pasang niat nak makan 2 ekor Ikan bawal hehehhehe gila tamak , but i guess it's okay sebab Ajf lagi teruk , first time pegi makan 2 1/2 ekor ikan bawal goreng .

For those people yang tidak kisah nak makan gerai tepi jalan ini memang di galakkan la , kalau tak tahan panas , yang nak makan dalam air cond je i'm really sorry la this is not a suitable place for you guys :) .Macam seorang ni ..:P

hahahhaahhhah :P 

There also have other selections of *lauk * tapi bagi my family and i we prefer to eat ikan bawal goreng and kuah gulai ja ( kuah kari ) ,memang dah umpphh....rasanya ikan bawal goreng seekor around MYR 5 /MYR 6 according to size .

Bawal goreng panas-panas , from kuali :) 

Makan nasi dengan ikan bawal + kicap bawang ( betul ke ?) pun memang sedap .yummy yummy ,, 

and tempat ni semua layan diri , we have to line up o get your own fish ..:) so kita boleh pilih size ikan sendiri .:) takde lah nanti rasa tidak puas hati.


Location : Juru,Penang .

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Traditional Beef Quiche

What   for tea time   today ? sweettooth ? i don't think so .....  let's try  Traditional Beef Quiche recommended by *Chef* Ina AL-Sagoff  ^-^ nyum nyum nyum...


Assalammualaikum .

 Approximately we took only 2 hours to bake our dessert today ,this is my first attempt baking Quiche (pronounce as keesh: ) with My sister 's guide, Chef Ina (",). selalu nya i hanya baking yang manis-manis saja ., need to balance my nutrient intake . Tidak di nafikan sejak mengintai ke laman blog kak Azlita Masam Manis , sedikit sebanyak terikut-ikut and berangan nak tiru gaya nata cara kak ita snap pictures :) , phew berpeluh juga la bila baca cara kak ita susun and mostly took 1-2 hours untuk mendapatkan gambar yang terbaik .So untuk i yang sekadar hobi , hanya menggunakan digital camera Nikon .

My sister used her own recipe for the filling :) and for the pastry , from mak's recipes book .

Pastry basic 

1 1/4 plain flour
90 gm butter ,chopped 
2-3 tablespoons iced water 
1 egg yolk 

1) Sift flour into a large mixing bowl ,add the butter. Using fingertips ,rub butter into the flour 2 minutes or until the mixture is fine and crumbly .Add egg yolk and Add almost all the water,mix to a firm dough,adding more water if necesarry .Turn onto a lightly floured surface ,press together until smooth .
( i used stainlees steel tip : knife menggantikan fingertips, i don;t know how to explain .hehehe but mak did told me we need to maintain the flour + butter sejuk and tak jadi panas terkena haba dari tangan kita .ermmm pening kan ? i pun pening heehe?)  

2) Cover the dough  with plastic wrap and refrigerate 20 minutes .

3) Preheat oven to moderate 180 'c .Cut a sheet of greaseproof paper large enough to cover pastry -lined tin .Line tin with paper ,spread a layer of dried beans or rice over paper .Bake 10 minutes ,remove from oven and discard paper and beans.
( i gunakan beras,tujuan nya ialah untuk mengelakkan dough kita mengelembong semasa bakar 

4) Return to oven for a further 10 minutes or until golden .Cool 

Ingredients for filling :
Minced meat 200 gm ( i used Ramly Burger minced meat ) (di rebus dahulu senang keje)
Bawang Merah 2 ulas 
Bawang Besar 1 labu 
Daun Bawang & Daun Sup : secukup mungkin :P
black pepper 
2 biji telur 

5) To make filling : Heat oil in a frying pan ,tumiskan bawang merah dan masukkan daging rebusan tadi ,masukkan bawang besar ,goreng sebentar sahaja .

6)  Gaulkan filling tadi dengan telur :) .Then , Pour into base ,sprinkle with Mozarella .

7) Bake for 30 minutes ,until set and golden .Serve hot and cold .

memang sedap di makan dgn kopi panas ......nyum nyum nyum.........
Thank you * chef*  Ina for your guidance 

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